Thursday, August 23, 2007


An open letter to the readers of The Nittany Line by Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh here – that's Coach Jim Harbaugh. The fine gentlemen at this esteemed weblog have done a fantastic job of covering my growing pains as a first-year head coach and I wanted to take the time to thank them. Galen has some sort of man-crush on me but I'm ok with that. While my comments have produced considerable resentment in Michigan fandom I stand by my assertions and patiently waited for the day they would be redeemed. I thought I would fire back with the fact that the University of Michigan only graduates 38% of its African American students as proof but that would be too easy. I needed something that drives my point home like a Mac truck through a house made of pudding but my target seemed to turn into a white whale. That is until today.

Let me put an end to the Michigan discussion in the most final way imaginable. Patrons of the Blogosphere I give you exhibit A: Michigan's own Marques Slocum and his fuck lion.

Michigan fans: Checkmate.

Have a fiend out day.

Jim Harbaugh

Editor's note: as always, big HT to RUTS


Anonymous said...

Actually if you did really read Brian's post you have linked, he states that 38% is a fiction.

Open Letter from PSU fanbase to Michigan:

We will recruit people like Daryll Clark who
struggled with academics and attended prep school, like Slocum, but we the ones who think our collective shit doesn't stink.

While we laugh at Slocum, we cast a blind eye towards Clark and Curtis Enis too.

We link to some post which debunks the 38 % theory, but still give that number as the truth.

Fact is, we'll trade anything for a win against you.. our wives, kids, academics. We are just waiting for that elusive win.. until then we'll make fun of the failings of Michigan however minor they might be and however similar the the situation might be to PSU.


PSU fanbase.

Anonymous said...

Choice quote from that article :

With his grades an issue, many colleges shied from offering him a football scholarship.

"A lot of schools dropped off 'cause of my grades," he said. "I really didn't get very good marks in school. And because of that, I had to pay."


PSU accepted someone who was rejected by a lot of schools due to academics. Glass houses.. Pot.Kettle? anyone..

Anonymous said...

At least Clark was smart enough to not publicly embarrass himself. Sorry Harbaugh called you guys out, not us.

Galen said...

Hey, I'm only quoting Mr. Harbaugh here don't get your panties in a bunch.