Thursday, August 09, 2007

Harbaugh Watch

I've come to the educated conclusion that college football needs Jim Harbaugh. Sure he coaches one of the worst teams in the Pac-10 but if there is a God he will always have a job… somewhere. Please, please… PLEASE let him have a HEAD coaching job. We need him in a position that requires media interaction – he has to have a mic in front of him because the words coming out of his mouth are pure gold. First he started talking smack about USC then he verbally assaulted Michigan; basically saying that Michigan football players are a bunch of dumb jocks that can't spell their own name (I'm paraphrasing of course). Now, after Mike Hart disowned him, Jimmy fired back.

Mike Hart and Jamie Morris are not the makers of the Michigan man list. I put in the blood, sweat and tears to prove I belong on that list. I learned from a great man named Bo Schembechler that you speak the truth as you know it. It may not be the popular thing, but you speak your mind. Everything I said is supported by fact, but the thing that has come back is the personal attack on me, not looking at the issue whatsoever. When I was a player, there would have been nobody saying anything like what Mike Hart said about me. We would have been too afraid of the consequences. That wouldn't have happened while Bo was there. I'm glad as the head coach of Stanford I don't have to deal with those repercussions.

Oh no he didn't! I don't think I have to draw you a picture, Jimmy is saying Carr is no Bo. Suck on that Lloyd. I can't wait for the reaction from Wolverine land. As Pat Forde points out, Harbaugh does have a point. Only 30 Michigan football players have majors listed and 63 percent of them are something called "general studies." Compared to the general student body, only 1 percent list that program as their major. Harbaugh once said "College football needs Stanford," maybe so, but without a doubt College football needs Jim Harbaugh.


WFY said...

Carr does have exactly half a national championship more than bowl game choker Bo ever did, for what that is worth.

Galen said...

I think Carr calling Harbaugh "arrogant” and “elitist” is like Dennis Rodman calling someone “weird.”

Nick said...

What's it like to find your muse, Galen?

Galen said...

It's a wonderful thing.