Friday, August 08, 2008

Bright Idea: More Beaver Stadium Improvements

Along with the new and improved (is that really possible – can something be new AND improved?) signage that will update fans with out of town scores, update in game statistics, and warn fans when Chris Baker and his pit bulls are in town drunk and pissed off looking for a fight, Beaver Stadium is preparing for HD. Hey, when you're offensive coordinator turns your offense to HD it's time for the facilities to step up!

Fans who watch from home will also get a chance to experience another major upgrade. New, brighter stadium lights will contribute to a cleaner look on high-definition TVs.

Bevan said the old lights that were outdated and prone to burning out are being replaced by new, "100-foot candles."

Beaver Stadium will be lit up for the first time when the Nittany Lions host Illinois in the Big Ten opener on Sept. 27.

"There's a minimum standard that you have to have in order for network television to even consider airing a night game from your facility," Nelson said. "We're obviously above that minimum, but we're always looking to try and improve our lighting."

As a new member of the High Definition world I feel obligated to say 'thank you' to the university I love, those white outs will look that much more impressive in 1080p under "100-foot candles". Watching JoePa run for the bathrooms via my HD Direct TV receiver (it's Comcastic!!) and 47" Phillips LCD will be that much more hilarious. I have to say in an offseason filled with bad news, Beaver Stadium has done its part to make us proud. First, without doing anything, it becomes the largest football stadium in the country *snicker* *snicker* then it gets a much needed facelift with the signage, and now the Beav is ready for HD. It's like having a hot girlfriend that gets a boob job.


Nick said...

I already thought Penn State had well lit night games on their night broadcasts. How much could we improve, did we install a Sun?

Anonymous said...

"It's like having a hot girlfriend that gets a boob job"?!

What happened to the "100% real junk"? I'm confused... no, wait- YOU are confused.

Only kidding; the upgrade will certainly add to the already great atmosphere in "The BIGGEST House"! Can't wait to see a night game there while wearin' out the velour; damn, now I only need an HD TV.

Galen said...

Here at TNL we possess the right to change Beaver Stadium’s gender at any given point even if it expressly conflicts with a previous description of said Stadium. It’s in the bylaws and you can’t argue with bylaws.

Anonymous said...

As long as it's 'bylaws' and not 'bi-laws'! TNL is too funny (as in 'humorous'), even when you talk attorney-speak.

Enjoy your weekend.

Nick said...

Galen is the inspiration for Lionel Hutz

Anonymous said...

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