Monday, August 11, 2008

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Lots of little tidbits on the intertubes these days so here are some things for your linking pleasure.

-Paterno met with reporters for the first time since dismissing Baker and Taylor and admitted he may have made some mistakes.

Later, Paterno said, "I think all of us are under the gun" to keep players out of trouble. "Whether I've done a good enough job, I'm trying, and my staff is trying."

"If you want to walk out of that tunnel, and want people to cheer for you and respect you, there's an obligation that goes with that," he said. "Sometimes it's hard for a kid."

"Some people have not really understood the effort we've made and in a lot of cases, have overcriticized some things that happened. Not that we were not wrong. We were wrong."

-So what's the other big news item to come from practice? Oh yeah, there is that whole quarterback thing.

"Daryll's done very, very well, and part of that is because he's played in games more than Pat has," Jay Paterno said. "And so when he comes into preseason and does really well, Daryll hasn't left the door open for anyone to jump him."

"I think I've made it clear that I would prefer to play one quarterback," Paterno said. But the way the game is played today with the quarterback really physically so much more involved in it, I think you got to be careful."

So is it Daryll's job or is it still open? In running back Brent Carter's mind the competition is over.

"Right now, Daryll is our guy," running back Brent Carter said.

It's hard to get a feel for what is going on in Paterno's mind but if the past is any indication then I'd say that Clark is the man but it sounds like they want to get Devlin some valuable playing time.

Paterno said it may be three or four games before a decision. More than likely, game-time situations will expose a leader in what's certainly a close race. That could mean splitting snaps…

-Finally head on over to the ever expanding Black Shoe Diaries and wish the guys there Happy Birthday. They've been putting out quality stuff for two years now and are a daily must-read.

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