Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who let the dogs out: Chris Baker did

It appears that perhaps the timing in the Baker/Taylor dismissal may just be coincidence with the OTL interview. Baker is being cited for harboring a dangerous dog after his pit bull attacked two people on July 15th and according to District Attorney Michael Madeira, Taylor is under investigation in connection with a disturbance at a pool party the weekend of Arts Fest.

The pit bull attack is even more frightening because it involved a child.

Baker did…acknowledge an incident in which his pit bull may have injured a child. Baker said he didn't think the dog bit anyone, but said it may have "scratched a kid."

So draw your own conclusions, but it appears on the surface that Paterno gave these two all the chances he could allow and they never learned from their mistakes. I've said it before, I think Baker should have been off the team a long time ago.

<soapbox> Side Note: allow me to take this opportunity to once again pontificate on the precarious breed of dog known as pit bulls. I hate pit bulls and I'm a dog lover. If you're going to break out the "well Galen, pit bulls are great dogs if you raise them right and any breed will be mean if mistreated" don't waste your time. While it's true any breed can be mean there's no other breed that is as aggressive or can do the damage of a pit bull. A pit bull can easily kill a full grown adult and their jaw strength is unbelievable. Not to mention they have a skull thick enough that, while they are locked on to you like a vice, you could beat them with a baseball bat and not get them to let go. I hate pit bulls. </soapbox>


rahpsu said...

I have to agree on the pit bull opinion. I will also add that a cretain type of person is a pit bull owner - usually someone wanting to sport a bada$$ image.

Agression has been bred into these dogs over hundreds of years. They are born killers. I wouldn't trust the world's friendliest pitbull to be within 50 feet of my kid - or me for that matter.

Anonymous said...

WTF does Baker need a pit bull for?

He's a kid in a man's body trying to project an image, but he should reflect on where that "image" has gotten him so far.

He was headed for the NFL & big $$$$. Now he has to scramble to try and even salvage a shot at the NFL. With his record and penchant for pit bulls, good luck. What adult was advising this kid?

Nick said...

Are they allowed to keep pets, especially a pit bull, in their dorms?

Galen said...


I think rahpsu answered your question as to why Baker needs a pit bull: he wants to be a badass. I guess pounding people half your size doesn't make you badass enough.


If they are allowed to keep pit bulls in the dorms something is waaaayyyy wrong.

Nick said...

I'm not aware of anywhere in State College that you can rent and have a dog there. Not even when I was in a house for a year, but some houses may let have a dog. Generally speaking, you would have to own the property. So, really my question is where did this pit bull come from?