Monday, August 31, 2009

What’s on Tap

The season is finally here and it's time to get into form. This is the spot usually associated with PSU Review, a look back at the past weekend's game and my usually incoherent take. Tuesday is set aside for the following week's opponent preview and Wednesday will begin the return of the widely popular Blue & White Roundtable. Can't tell if there will be a Big Ten bloggers Roundtable we're a very, very lazy bunch and no one is showing initiative.

For those of you that will be joining me in taking the long trek to Happy Valley for some tailgating amusement here's a first look at the weather.

Not too shabby.

It's going to be sunny and cool all week long, almost as if Mother Nature knows its football season and has adjusted the weather accordingly, it's definitely fall-like out there and I'm happy.

Football's almost here!

Go State, beat…well… the zips. Just kinda loses something, doesn't it?


jd said...

dammit, they beat me to it

Galen said...


It appears from the comments that not too many people liked the idea. I did and I thought it was funny.

joepadon said...

I'm only going to say this once: There better be a Roundtable, I love reading those so don't be dicks and not do it. Jesus Christ, you bloggers had scraps to work with during the off-season but still kept your respective blogs rolling (bravo for that btw). Now that the season is around the corner you people may get lazy? For shame guys, for shame.

Galen said...

Blue/white roundtable is on, but the big ten bloggers don't seem to care. Don't blame me I like them they're easy and people like them.