Monday, August 31, 2009

Depth Chart is out, let wild speculation begin!

Penn State released the official depth chart today and there are few surprises.

Wide Receiver(three starters)
83 Brett Brackett (6-6, 232, Sr/Jr)
6 Derek Moye (6-5, 198, Jr/So)
5 Graham Zug (6-2, 183, Sr/Jr)

Left Tackle
73 Dennis Landolt (6-4, 306, Gr/Sr)

Left Guard
54 Matt Stankiewitch (6-3, 292, So/Fr)

61 Stefen Wisniewski (6-3, 297, Jr/Jr)

Right Guard
77 Lou Eliades (6-4, 3010, Sr/Jr)
Right Tackle
50 DeOn'tae Pannell (6-5, 300, So/So)

Tight End
82 Mickey Shuler (6-4, 247, Sr/Sr) * OR
10 Andrew Quarless (6-5, 258, Sr/Sr)

The dreaded "OR" makes its first appearance I'm guessing Shuler starts but Quarless gets plenty of snaps, especially in obvious passing situations.

Left End
5 Jerome Hayes (6-2, 240,Gr/Sr)*
44 Kevion Latham (6-2, 254, Jr/So)

Left Tackle
91 Jared Odrick (6-5, 296, Sr/Sr)
99 Brandon Ware (6-3, 341, So/Fr)

Right Tackle
85 Ollie Ogbu (6-1, 285, Sr/Jr)
71 Devon Still (6-5, 294, Jr/So)

Right End
81 Jack Crawford (6-5, 256, So/So)
56 Eric Latimore (6-6, 270, Jr/So)

You'll probably see a lot of all eight of these guys with LJ's propensity for playing a lot of bodies so everyone's fresh in the 4th quarter. If Brandon Ware's 341 lbs. is accurate he A)has not got his weight down to where Paterno wanted him and B) is one mountain of a young man. Geeesssh.

Left Cornerback
4 Knowledge Timmons (5-10,182, Sr/Sr)
1 A.J. Wallace (6-1,195, Sr/Sr)

Free Safety
28 Drew Astorino (5-10, 194, Jr/So)
13 Andrew Dailey (6-2, 217, Jr/So)

10 Nick Sukay (6-1, 213, Jr/So)
7 Cedric Jeffries (6-2, 205, Sr/Jr)

Right Cornerback
8 D'Anton Lynn (6-1, 198, So/So)
16 Shelton McCullough (6-0, 193, Sr/Jr)

Wallace is listed 2nd team which means what? If he's suspended for the game why is he listed at all? Perhaps he won't start but gets in later? I don't know. Looking over that list kinda makes me feel a little on the queasy side, especially depth-wise, we're one twisted ankle away from crushing down on the panic button.

That’s right, it’s 2009: our Panic Button is USB equipped

Outside Linebacker
45 Sean Lee (6-2, 236, Sr/Sr)*
34 Nathan Stupar (6-1, 236, Jr/So)

Inside Linebacker
43 Josh Hull (6-2, 236, Sr/Sr) *
15 Bani Gbadyu (6-1, 231, Sr/Jr)

Outside Linebacker
11 Navorro Bowman (6-1,230, Sr/Jr)
48 Chris Colasanti (6-2, 238, Jr/Jr)

No surprises at linebacker but you can bet you'll see Bani, especially against the three par-three's PSU opens the schedule with.


joepadon said...

So I guess this answers the question of whether or not Colasanti gets a red shirt. I also thought Chaz was a shoe in to start at wideout. It has not escaped me that these DC's are usually bunk and are just a way for Joe to motivate some players.

Galen said...

I think there is some motivation in them but I don't think powell was going to be a starter.

Anonymous said...

brandon ware is out for about a month with an injury

Galen said...

Yeah, saw that yesterday, too bad that hurts depth.