Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Programming note: College Football Live covering PA today

For those of you that get off work at a decent hour or have a DVR, ESPN's College football Live 50 States Tour is in Pennsylvania starting today at 3:30 PM and going through Friday. There are polls on PA college sports and Adam Rittenberg's page where you can stop by and read the comments between Pitt and Penn State fans. It's always a pleasure to see the same arguments resurface over and over and over again. Hey, did you know Joe Paterno is old and there's nothing to do in State College that's why Pitt's attendance sucks? No really. If State College had… you know… all the stuff that Pittsburgh offers like strip clubs, Hooters, nightclubs, skating rinks, bars, Olympic swimming pools, High Def 3-D theaters, a plethora of good restaurants, and concerts I'm sure the average football fan wouldn't go to Penn State football games, right? I mean that makes sense doesn't it?!?

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