Thursday, June 25, 2009

And in other shocking news Charlie Weis is overweight

Thank God you are sitting down… Ok, if you're reading this on a mobile device while walking you better find a place to sit down because this will be a shocker, one that will rock the very core of your beliefs. The BCS presidents have…. have…. REJECTED the Mountain West Conference's playoff plan.

The MWC proposed an eight-team playoff system that would allow greater access to the national championship game to teams outside the six most powerful leagues. The BCS presidential oversight committee rejected the concept during a teleconference on Wednesday.

Outgoing committee chairman David Frohnmayer had this to say:

"In the last six years, I've read pundits, heard the pronouncements of broadcasters and collected several cubic feet of e-mail printouts from advocates of an NFL-style playoff system. Even those that go beyond sound bite certitude share two intertwined and fatal deficiencies: They disrespect our academic calendars and they utterly lack a business plan."

Listen jackoff, no one and I mean no one gives a flying rat's ass about a business plan. We just don't care, that's not even a discussion in the circles of football fandom. That's your job to figure out the business end of it. I don't sit around a bar with my friends on a college football Saturday and discuss college football as a business. I don't sit there and say "Hey Brad, I think College Football's business model would serve the system better if we applied some Six Sigma concepts to it." No, instead we sit around and dream about how great it would be if college football wasn't the ONLY SPORT IN THE WORLD whose champion is not determined on the field.

As for the 'academic calendar' bullshit, please, please give me your schedule. Give me two weeks between Thanksgiving and the middle of January and I'll give you an 8 team playoff.

Week 1: 8 teams become 4
Week 2: 4 teams become 2
Championship game is played the same time it always is.

You're telling me your academic schedule can't handle that?! You're telling me you even care about academics in football? I seriously doubt it.

It's funny, these guys are so transparent that it borders on the ridiculous anymore. Every time they open their mouths it just gets more and more perverse. They should just release a statement that says "We have rejected <insert angry team left out of championship game here>'s plan for a playoff because it would deprive us of mounds of cash." At least then they could go home at night without feeling dirty.


jd said...

is there anything on the record about what the final vote was?

and when was the last time the BCS ever cared about the players?

just to add onto your format, every team gets 11 games. no more, no less. 2 are OOC. EVERY conference has a playoff game.

from there, 8 teams play in the tourney, the first round either giving the higher ranked team homefield advantage, or just going by the 4 major bowl standard.

Galen said...

I agree completely and just to add on to your add on, every team has to get in a conference... that means you Notre Shame!

Anonymous said...

hey galen thanks for making me famous with mention of my name

jd said...

God? Is that you?

Galen said...

God is a regular reader of TNL, where do u think I get my ideas?