Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blog Chips

Not much to talk about lately, it is the dead period between spring ball and summer workouts and I'm not one of those "just blog something" kind of bloggers (you've come to expect SO much more from TNL) but there are a few items of interest.

-Two Bush's in the hand is better than… wait, what?
Former president Bush (as in W) was in Erie speaking to the Manufacturer and Business Association and had a message from former president Bush (as in H.W.).
In front of about 1,600 people at a dinner in Erie, the younger Bush said he had been reminded by his dad to "give my old buddy my best. . . . Forty-one sends his best to No. 1 in the heart of Penn State fans."
The elder Bush appears to be about as active as JoePa.

But he started his hour-long appearance by talking about his father, who celebrated his 85th birthday last weekend by parachute-jumping out of an airplane.

"So this weekend I had an amazing experience: I watched an 85-year-old jump out of an airplane, and it wasn't about to crash,"
-We're playing who again?
The hits just keep coming when speaking in deference to Penn State's future schedule. The athletic department's "keep Galen out of the stands" campaign continues unabated.

Nearly every FCS school plays at least one Football Bowl Subdivision team. The reason is twofold: the exposure of playing up against the "big" schools, but more importantly, it's the money. The dollars made from the monetary guarantee paid out by much-wealthier FBS schools goes a long way toward sustaining FCS teams.

With that in mind, Indiana State.

The Sycamores will play at Cincinnati in 2010 and at Penn State on Sept. 3, 2011.

The Sycamores? Reeeaally?

Intimidating, indeed.

<Insert your manic rant or anti-PSU joke here>

-But can he roll a joint?
D coordinator and NFL defensive lineman manufacturer Tom Bradley had a Q & A session with's Adam Rittenberg: Part I here and Part II here. The most interesting quote to come from our leader is about soon-to-be quarterback menace and Aaron Maybin-shoes-filler Jack Crawford.

One of the impressive things about him, after the Blue-White Game, I had a bunch of people up and they wanted to go down to see the locker room. They had their kids and everything. I went in there. I'll bet you it was nine o'clock after the Blue-White Game, and I opened up the team room to show them the team room and [Crawford] was in there looking at the Blue-White Game. So you see that and you start to say, 'Geez, that's a good start right there. A kid that really cares.' Most guys, after the Blue-White Game, they're out having fun or with their family or whatever, but he was down there looking at the film.


jd said...

by game 8 this season, opposing qbs will submissively urinate when they hear his name.

Galen said...

He's definitely starting off on the right foot!