Monday, April 06, 2009

Penn State loses its wrestling coach

Coach Troy Sunderland has officially resigned after 11 seasons as Penn State's wrestling coach.

Penn State coach Troy Sunderland announced his resignation Saturday, ending extended speculation about his status.

Sunderland, 38, informed the team of his decision through an e-mail sent at 11:30 a.m

"I am proud of what we've accomplished at Penn State during my tenure as head coach," Sunderland said in the statement. "While we did not achieve the ultimate goal of winning a national title, I feel that this program is on the cusp of accomplishing that elusive goal. I am pleased with where this program is headed and wish the next coach here the best of luck as the Penn State wrestling family continues to strive for the national title."

This comes as no surprise, many people have been clamoring for Sunderland's head all season long and the disastrous ending to a mediocre season was the final straw for a lot of wrestling fans. I'm never a "[insert beleaguered coach here] must go!!" type of guy but I could see this coming. Most of the team did not live up to their potential and in the big matches against the best of the Big Ten Penn State fell flat on their faces. Often guys would get in deep on shots and not finish something that is fundamentally wrong. Actually not only would the fail to finish, but often they'd give up a takedown off of their shots. Speculation is rampant right now as to the new head coach but you can bet it will be someone with Penn State ties, it always is.

Thank you Troy for all your hard work and dedication.

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pnst8916 said...

I went to High School w/ Troy and am a PSU Grad myself. Thank you making us proud over the last 11 years and good luck in the future.