Friday, April 03, 2009


Sure it was just the NIT, but it's still a national tournament title and a huge step for this Penn State basketball program. No one play could epitomize what this team has endured this season other than Danny Morrissey's face first dive for a loose ball. It ended Morrissey's night prematurely but it demonstrated the kind of fight this team had and has had all season long. Special thanks to Morrissey, Jamelle Cornley, and Stanley Pringle for helping Penn State turn the corner. PSU is no longer just a football school.

While the players deserve a lot of the credit, I've always been an Ed DeChellis fan; he's done a great job through a lot of hard work and long days and it's finally paying off for him. Congrats Penn State, we are… champs!


Anonymous said...

Hell yes. Congrats to Penn St from a Gopher fan. Way to represent the Big 10 in winning the NIT against an extremely tough field of teams this year.

Good to your seniors ! What a great way to end their college careers.

Paterno Lives! said...

Don't forget, it's the NIT National Championship.

So what kind of handshake is that?

Galen said...

Wow, I didn't even notice the handshake, how did I miss that?

Anonymous said...

Wooh! We're number 66!

Not the greatest cheer ever.