Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BCS talk

Bruce Feldman of ESPN put together a short list of teams that have the best shot of winning the BCS title next year. Yeah it's early and yeah it means nothing but it's something to discuss and Penn State is mentioned in it.

Just missed the cut: Oregon, TCU, Penn State, Alabama and Ohio State.

With Penn State's creamy soft non-conference schedule it's not a big leap of faith to believe they could run the table. There's no Wisconsin on the Big Ten schedule and the Nits toughest road game will be Michigan State at the end of the season and there's no Javon Ringer to deal with this year. The toughest game of the season will be Ohio State but that's in Happy Valley and it's the 10th game of the season, most of the young guys will have come around by then. In fact, Penn State doesn't leave the friendly confines of Beaver Stadium until October. I don't think the 2009 version of the Nittany Lions will be better than the 2008 version but it's not going to matter because the level of competition will be much worse. I think if Penn State just shows up to the game they'll win no less than 8 games.

Just for fun let's look at the top ten.

Ole Miss
Va. Tech
Boise State
Oklahoma State
Notre Dame
Of the teams on that list I think the team with the best shot to make it to the BCS championship game (maybe not win it, but at least make it) is Boise State. Boise was a young team last year, they have a soft schedule and, unlike last season, they have pretty much everybody on their side this year. If they run the table and there are no undefeated teams from a major conference, you can bet they won't get locked out this year. Not to mention they will be ranked early on meaning they won't have the same climb to the top like last season. We all know USC will inexplicably lose to someone they shouldn't like every year and no one will make it through the SEC or Big 12 unscathed and yes we all threw up a little in our mouths when we read Notre Shame's name on the list but remember all major news reporters must mention Notre Dame every third article. It's in their contract. Feldman uses Notre Dame's soft schedule as evidence but there's no way the Irish beat USC, I don't care where it's played. Fans in South Bend have a better chance of seeing Jesus (the real one).


Paterno Lives! said...

You know I spit up a little coffee when I saw ND on there also, and you are right they have a 0% change against UCS, but man is that schedule soft.

There next three toughest game are, I guess, MSU (home), Purdue and, hell Michigan? They get the 1-23 Washington schools, Nevada, Michigan early with a true freshman, on and on.

Damn it's going to be annoying hearing about them all season. The good new, though, is that they are almost guaranteed to be vastly overmatched in their bowl that will be fun.

Galen said...

Yeah, I can't wait for the "Chuck Weis is a genius the way he turned Notre Dame around" talk. I can hear it now.

drozz said...

you both are missing the real story.

i am not joking when i say this, but there will be those calling for jimmy "the gender-confused emu" clausen to be nominated for heisman.

Galen said...

Boy he will have to play light years better than last season but you never know