Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bowman permanently entrenched in JoePa’s doghouse

Navorro Bowman was sentenced to one year of probation in his hearing today after admitting he smoked marijuana twice in the last four months. Prosecutors wanted six months but the judge decided to double the recommendation. If Bowman violates his probation again he will face six months in jail.
"It's completely within the judge's discretion and he's well within his rights and authority to [double the recommendation]," Centre County Probation and Parole director Tom Young told

Bowman cannot be around drugs or alcohol (including in bars), must report to his probation officer at least once a month and submit to monthly drug and alcohol screenings.

Bowman admitted in court that he has been struggling with the death of both his father and his high school coach in the last year. "I'm still not really relieved from everything," he told last week. "It's still a struggle every day, just trying to do what I'm here to do and graduate. That's the most important thing. I'm eight-and-a-half credits from my degree, and once I get that, I can put a check mark next to the main reason I came to college. Everything else will pan out after that."

So there you go, I guarantee Paterno will help Bowman out by placing him in his infamous doghouse for the duration of his probation.

Bowman will have to clean that thing up it's been empty for a long time

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