Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MWC commissioner wants you to believe the Yeti exist

Or he might as well because you'll have about as much chance of seeing one as you would an eight team playoff in college football. MWC commissioner Craig Thompson proposed a playoff to the other BCS commissioners in a meeting Tuesday.

Thompson's fellow BCS commissioners listened Tuesday morning to his proposal for an eight-team playoff and other changes to the current system. They agreed to take the proposal back to their respective memberships for their spring meetings. They will reconvene in June in Colorado Springs.

The MWC's proposal not only would create a playoff, it would scrap the use of polls and computers in the BCS rating in favor of a committee that would select and seed 10 teams. The bottom two would play in a "BCS bowl" and the others would play for the national championship. The proposal also wants to recalibrate the revenue sharing.

The other commissioners agreeing to "discuss" the playoff is largely ceremonial in that they will take it back to their respective conferences, laugh about it, and roll around in their heaping piles of money they get from the current BCS system. Having said that, I have to admit Thompson did the right thing, instead of trying to change the system a little bit (see: Plus-One format) he proposes broad radical change including throwing out the God-awful BCS rating system and polls for a 12 person selection committee. If you are going to fight the system, nudging it isn't the way to make change you have to hit it with a sledge hammer. Hopefully this radical idea will at least get BCS commissioners thinking. Before you argue with me about the selection committee idea bringing up Penn State's snub by the NCAA basketball selection committee (don't go there) I'm not saying it's the right idea but it at least is something. Anything. But like I said, you'll probably have a better chance of seeing this guy:

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