Thursday, April 23, 2009

Add Tyrell Sales name to the police blotter

The former Penn State linebacker waved his right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday on charges of DUI.

Sales' agent, Lynn Lashbrook, said his client will take part in a first-time offender program in which the charge is expunged from the record if the program is successfully completed.

So what happened?

The 23-year-old Sales was pulled over March 30 in Patton Township, outside State College. Court records show Sales was also issued a summons for turning movements and required signals.

No mention of his BAC which means this is a garden variety DUI because if it had been somewhere in the .20 range you know it would have made the report. Also that "first-time offender program" would be the Pennsylvania ARD program which means again, it's a garden variety DUI, if he had acted like an ass to the cop or caused damage or injury he would not have been eligible for ARD. This looks like the typical PA DUI snipe, officer pulls him over for a bogus traffic violation at 1:30 AM in the morning and "hey I smell alcohol walk this line son." Not that that's happened to me or anything.


Anonymous said...

No big deal...he has done WAY more good than bad..No one is perfect! This doesn't define him

Anonymous said...

Problem is for someone on the outside looking in as an NFL prospect, this is a significant negative because it is fresh in the minds of possible employers.