Friday, September 26, 2008

Blue & White Roundtable: Let the Real Season Begin

Galen put the questions together this week, I’m answering them. That’s how we roll.
He’s the DJ, I’m the rapper.

Don’t forget the other guys:
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*warning - painfully obvious question alert* Penn State gets its first ‘real’ test this weekend facing a ranked opponent when the Fighting [None-Offensive-Mascot]s come to town. Gaze into your crystal ball and give us a short description on how Saturday night’s events will unfold. Or if you’re lazy just fire up NCAA 2009 and tell us what the Xbox thinks.

Xbox? Really? Playstation3’s got a BluRay, bitch. I see a sloppy start for both sides, Penn State gets a lead, Illinois puts up points late. Was ready to declare a probable victory, but recent developments have put me on edge about this game, heads may be rolling all over the Top 25 this week.

So, about that not playing anybody yet statement being thrown around.

Saturday’s game is on the big stage at 8:00 with most of the football world watching. It’s a white out and Penn State is favored by two scores (as of Monday). Is this a lose-lose situation (the only way they could look good is by winning big) for Penn State or golden opportunity to show the world what the Spread HD is all about?

Lose-lose? No, given that we were under the radar before the season and Missouri gave up a ton of yardage and points to them already all we have to do is take care of our business and not let Illinois run wild. I do think this will be the opportunity to unleash the SpreadHD, because I don’t think we’ve seen it yet in its entirety.

Now that all the fluff questions are out of the way do Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma get significant playing time?

I doubt it, but it is entirely possible. I suspect it may not be until the second half.

Lightning Round
Back in 2007, Illinois Basketball fans made my skull crack open in rage slightly angered me when they befouled the statue of Joe Paterno. Do you hate the Illini like me or not so much?

The only team I truly hate is Notre Dame, I also despise Bobby Bowden and his fake aw-shucks folksy “charm.” I have no real ill will against Illinois, but I am still bothered that Penn State found a way to lose that game last year. One of several that team just gave away.

It’s a night game please quantify the amount of alcohol you will consume before gametime (if you don’t drink please quantify the amount of fatty foods you will eat).

Not as much as I normally would, since I’ll be hanging out with my dad and pulling the wake up early and drive up to the game Saturday from home instead of from my normal staging ground.

Put it on the line – final score:

It'll be raining...points. 55-42.


JeremyInDC said...

Any Penn State fan who doesn't hate Nebraska is not a real Penn State fan.

Even if you weren't old enough to have witnessed the 94 season, the hatred should have been beaten into you by now.

Let me take the opportunity now:

We Hate.... Nebraska!!!
We Hate.... Nebraska!!!
We Hate....

Galen said...

Oh trust us we hate Nebraska and the A.P. for giving them the 94 championship.

Kevin McGuire said...

I still can not understand how in 1994 they can only award one national championship (to Nebraska) and in 1997 turn around and decide to give a split championship to Michigan and Nebraska. That 94 PSU team would have beaten all three of those other teams!