Friday, September 26, 2008

My cupcake tastes like burning

That pretty much sums up USC's feelings right about now

Shame on any of you that went to bed when USC was making their comeback and shame on any of you that fell asleep… like me. Anyho…

So this means one of two things: either you take Oregon State out of the 'cupcake' category or you put USC in said category and we all know that ain't happening. A word of caution to ALL Penn State fans, before you make the "OMG!! Oregon State beat USC and Penn State beat Oregon State by 31 points so Penn State rules the earth" leap of logical faith, just remember that Penn State still must prove itself tomorrow against Illinois; a team they are favored to beat by two touchdowns, a team that is near last place in the Big Ten in almost every defensive category. Beat the Illini and cover the spread, then I'll start drinking the blue colored kool-aid. But I'll admit it was nice to hear the morons on the WWL remind everyone that Penn State did wallop the team that just beat USC, it makes for a nice start to the weekend.


jd said...

well, at least the Big11 gets some credibility back here.

i would start drinking the kool-aid if we beat OSU in columbus and Michigan.

PSUgirl said...

and wiscy in madison