Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blog Chips

Penn State wins! Penn State WINS!!
That’s right; the men’s basketball team actually won a game last night, beating Iowa, 74-72. Penn State had four players score in double-figures for the first time in 12 games and equaled a season-high 10 threes to end a 13-game skid. Amazingly, the Lions finished the year 11-8 in the Jordan Center. As always, Mike has the breakdown.

Now I have to make a list
Speaking of Basketball, Mike from BSD is reporting a pretty disturbing incident that occurred during the Penn State – Illinois game last Saturday. A group of Illinois students, pissed off because PSU ended their home win streak last season, fooled the athletic ticket office into selling them a block of 100 tickets. They even dressed like Penn State fans until they got to their seats where they revealed their true colors. Ok, fine, you duped a young, over-caffeinated sales director at the ticket office – nice job. That’s not the disturbing part; as a matter of fact I give them a lot of credit for being so creative, bonus points for pulling it off flawlessly.

But here is the REAL kick in the pants.

Let me just say this…
It…… is…… ON, Mutherfuckers!!

I accept your shot across the bow and allow me to intelligently reply.

That’s right, even the women you hermaphrodite ugly bitches. As the Japanese said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor: you have awakened a sleeping giant – I never disliked Illinois, but now that has changed. Now I have to make a list, now I must channel my vitriol in an enumerated manner. Thank you Illinois fans, and thank you for making me link an article by jackass reporter Steve Jones - another person who makes the list. With that I give you The Nittany Line Things That Piss Me Off list or TTPMO (because I hate acronyms too)

1) Bitter Illinois fans befouling Paterno’s statue
2) Big Ten Officials
3) Steve Jones, Ron Cook and every other Pennsylvania hack journalist
4) Jim Delany
5) Tom Lemming
6) Anything remotely connected to ESPN
7) Bandwagon jumpers and by extension their teams – Notre Dame, Dallas Cowboys, New Your Yankees, and Chicago Bulls (whatever happened to all the Bulls jerseys?)
8) People that put ketchup on steak
9) SEC “speed”
10) Acronyms – especially the three letter variety

Dropped out: people that don’t use turn signals (would have made the list if not for Illinois fans)

Be sure this list will change in the future and be sure Illinois fans, I won’t forget. If the only thing I do is remind Penn State fans of the egregious act thrust upon our holy land, rest assured I will do it with all the convictions of a mad man. Have a nice day you mascot-less bastards.


Black Shoe Diaries said...

Damn them for making us link to Steve Jones. What's next? Beano Cook? Tom Lemming? Have they no shame?

You left [The Player That is Dead to Me] off your list.

JB said...

Yeah, the Illinis need to pay and pay dearly!

Galen said...


The Player That is Dead to Me would be somewhere near the top of your list for sure. He doesn't really piss me off because 1) I was worried about him making the grade at PSU and 2) He has to play for Pitt - that's punishment enough for anyone.

By the way, thanks for making my job easy today, you did all the work and I just linked to you. I'm a lazy SOB.

Black Shoe Diaries said...

The bill is in the mail. ;)

Cool Hand Mike said...

They(Illini fans)are justed pissed their Chief got the hatchet. Ha!

Note: That's not racist. As a Cherokee Indian, my ancestors were waxing that ass for hundreds of years
. It got so bad they ran to the French for protection. Not that it stopped us. Fucking pussies!

Galen said...

They ran to the French and got Smallpox in return. NICE!

Retro Jordan said...

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