Thursday, September 04, 2008

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First and foremost, I hesitated covering this because I don't like adding to the rumor mill (that's what message boards are for) but it appears there has been another "incident" involving Penn State football players.

For at least two hours Tuesday night into this morning, Penn State Police investigated a Nittany Apartments residence that, according to an online Penn State directory, is inhabited by multiple football players.

Police entered apartment 5204 late last night for unknown reasons. According to the directory, defensive end Maurice Evans, cornerback A.J. Wallace and defensive tackle Abe Koroma live in apartment 5204.

At least four Penn State Police vehicles were at the scene -- a Special Response Unit, two cruisers and an SUV.

OMG, it's the end we're losing our best D linemen and our best kick returner! Now's the time to light yourself on fire and run through the streets naked, right? Ah, maybe not.

News reports about police converging on an apartment shared by three Penn State football players turned out to be based on a pretty routine incident — police breaking up a loud party.

But…but, but… the Special Response Unit!?!? Why, why, WHY?!?!

News reports about police converging on an apartment shared by three Penn State football players turned out to be based on a pretty routine incident — police breaking up a loud party.

Penn State police Lt. Bill Moerschbacher said police did find and seize a small amount of marijuana from the residence, but he said that a “Special Response Unit” truck was at the scene only because that’s the vehicle police happened to be driving last night.

When police arrived, they saw a small amount of marijuana, Moerschbacher said. Police got a search warrant from District Judge Carmine Prestia and seized several related items from the apartment, Moerschbacher said.

Moerschbacher said he could not comment on any suspects, but there was no arrest made last night. Any citations filed will likely be sent through the mail, he said.

Yeah, we can all back away from the panic button this is really nothing, if the police are sending "citations" "through the mail" and not making arrests it's a slap on the wrist deal and not a Nate Newton pot-a-thon. No one is even sure if any of the Penn State players were involved, it was a party, anyone could have had the weed.

Now that that is behind us let's move on.

Just to make things totally official, Penn State officially announced that "starting" quarterback Daryll Clark has officially earned his 5th year of eligibility.

Clark needed to complete at least 80 percent of his credits toward graduation by next summer in order to be eligible for the 2009 season…

"Daryll has completed more than 85 percent of the credits required to earn his degree in telecommunications and will be eligible to play in 2009," Penn State assistant athletic director Jeff Nelson said.

So we've got that going for us.

Paterno's presser is out and there's really nothing earth shattering (big surprise) but I do have a favorite response from JoePa: when asked if he would like a yearly Pac 10-Big 10 matchup ala basketball he gave the usual mumble, mumble, I haven't thought about it… mumble, mumble…

But I won't have a say about it. Television will tell us what we're going to do.


Finally, on the lighter side… this has nothing to do with football but I absolutely LOVE ditsy blondes.

I knew I was displaced when we pulled onto campus and I noticed this big structure in a field. I was mystified. "Wow. What's that big, old monster? It looks like that ancient Roman thingy? The Colosseum! Or the Pantheon." Everyone stared at me, askance. "Uh? That would be the largest football stadium in the United States? Beaver Stadium? Ring a bell?"

Embarrassed, I muttered "Ohhh yeah. Heh, heh."

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