Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Big Ten Bloggers Roundtable - Week 1 Aftermath

Thanks to BlackHeartGoldPants for lighting this candle.

Week 1's in the books. What surprised you about your team? Are you optimistic? Disappointed? (NOTE: Purdue does not apply here, so these fans must talk about Wake Forest instead)

I was surprised just how good the offense looked. Clark and Devlin are both huge upgrades at quarterback and there are three backs (Royster, Green, Carter) that can be trusted to carry the ball effectively. Brackett and Moye did well in their time at receiver too. Color me optimistic(even though it was only Coastal Carolina), but there are still definite defensive issues that need to be worked out before the conference games begin.

Beanie Wells' foot is definitely the top story in the conference. What's #2?

I actually thought the biggest story, sorry Beanie, was that there was a collective “Aha!” from the MSM that the Big East and ACC are the real trainwrecks of the BCS conferences. All those months spent tearing down the Big Ten left them little time to pay attention to what was actually happening in college football.

Admit it: you loathe DickFraudROFL (né Rich Rodriguez), but when Michigan scored that last touchdown, you were rooting for them to make the 2-pt. conversion.

Not really, not that I was openly rooting for Michigan to lose, but that they had no right to even have the opportunity to tie the game. Utah dominated Michigan and ended up shooting themselves in the foot with penalties more times than the Wolverines stopped them.

Is this weekend's slate of games actually less interesting than last week's?

Not for Penn State, Oregon State could be a very intriguing game along the lines of the Illinois-Missouri score-a-palooza. The rest of the conferences slate looks iffy though, can Minnesota give Bowling Green much of a game?

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JeremyInDC said...

I hate Michigan and was openly rooting against them on the pt conversion.

I didn't used to hate Michigan, but something changed last year when they beat us even though they were in the middle of the most humiliating string of losses they ever suffered.

Jealousy? Sure, I'll admit it. It also has something to do with the fact that (like OSU) they can't figure out how to win a damn bowl game and bring the respectability of the conference down every year.

So, I will root against them every year in every game so that teams with real coaches that care about the post season can actually make it to the big games.

Unless they play Nebraska. I will never root for them. Even if they play al-Qaida.