Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joe just can’t recruit anymore

I just love when local hack reporters take something insignificant and try to turn it into a microcosm of something much larger. Take for example this little piece claiming that JoePa's losing his grip on western Pennsylvania. We've had similar pieces written about Penn State and Rutgers but I think our good friends at BSD have proven those claims false. Now we have an Ohio State reporter trying to do the same for THE osu.

There has been a flood of Pennsylvania players crossing the border to play for the Buckeyes the last five years, a sign Joe Paterno doesn't guard state lines as vehemently as he once did.

Oh, so you mean like Dan Connor or Sean Lee right? Guys that not only came to said school but played at an All-conference level right?

Kyle Mitchum and Jon Skinner haven't done much during their time at Ohio State, but the two helped start a snowball that has turned into an avalanche.

Ah yes, to prove my point I would start off by naming two players that have done NOTHING in their time, very strong argument. But I would at least name some players that chose Ohio State over Penn State because that's the point of the article right? I mean Paterno has never been able to keep all the good players in PA some just don't want to come to PSU and choose another school altogether, but we wouldn't use one of those players as proof positive would we?

The latest defection is receiver/defensive back Corey Brown, who verbally committed to Ohio State this week, choosing the Buckeyes over Michigan and Pitt.

But what's the reason for all the sudden "waves" of athletes coming to Ohio State?

Since Jim Tressel's arrival at Ohio State, it has been his mission to improve the recruitment of Pennsylvania. That has been the job of quarterbacks coach Joe Daniels, who recruits the state.

It took four years to pluck the first fruit in 2004. Now it is coming in

"With Penn State now in the Big Ten, these kids are getting exposed to Big Ten football, where before that never was the case," Daniels said in 2004. "Now they know about us, and suddenly they're realizing we're not that far away. We're only three hours away from Pittsburgh, so it's not as far as they thought."

Jim Tressel took over in 2001 and Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993 do you think it took western Pennsylvania kids eleven years to figure out "holy shit Ohio State's not that far away!!?" REALLY!?! It took Tressel four years to figure out how to recruit them?!?! I've got an idea, do you think that shiny national championship trophy in 2003 (which happens to be one year prior to the 2004 date that the author uses) might have a little something to do with kids interest in Ohio State? I don't think Penn State is 'losing' the recruiting battle in PA I think Ohio State's recent success (forget the last two national championships – at least they were playing for a championship) has lured kids that don't want to go to Penn State in OSU's direction. It's nothing new, decades ago when Notre Dame was successful on the national stage and Penn State was an independent PSU lost kids to ND because they had national exposure. It happens. I honestly am amazed at the Penn State's current recruiting class this year given that Paterno doesn't go on recruiting trips all that often. It speaks volumes that Penn State can land quality kids in positions of need despite the fact that they have no succession plan for Paterno and he won't decide when to retire even though most recruits know he won't be around for four more years. I don't think Ohio State or Rutgers or any other school is pulling kids in "avalanche(s)" out of PA, I think it's par for the course and I'm quite happy with Penn State's job on the recruiting trail despite their shortcomings.


Paterno Lives! said...

This is like the fifth crap story written about Paterno in the last couple of weeks. For some reason reporters don't have to actually look things up in the offseason or something.

And to think just a couple of months ago it was bloggers getting crap for being irresponsible and having no insight.

Galen said...

It's that time of year that reporters have nothing decent to write about so they go back to old hat (read - do something to criticize Paterno it gets people to read my paper)

Anonymous said...

Sports reporters are the greatest environmentalists - all they do is recycle!