Friday, June 27, 2008

Chuck Weis: different but the same

The Sporting News has two articles about Notre Dame Coach Charlie Weis that are supposed to shed some light on his "perceived" arrogance. Unfortunately, when Chuck Weis tries to prove he's not arrogant he becomes even more arrogant.

"The biggest problem I have," Weis says, "is people who don't know me, who have ever spoken to me, think I'm an asshole."

That's funny wonder where they get that idea Chuck?

I have four Super Bowl rings. I told Charlie Jr., the day we win a national title at Notre Dame, the day I get a national title ring, is the day I never wear those Super Bowl rings again."

"Regardless of the concept, when you tell the truth, people don't like what you say. I want to be respected for telling the truth. There are times, with some people, when you say things because you want them to be offended."

You mean you're trying to be an asshole right?

Earlier that morning, he fired off a call to his friend Jon Bon Jovi.

Yeah, that Jon Bon Jovi.

"You hear what I'm listening to?" Weis says, the strains of "It's My Life" booming through the speakers of his Cadillac Escalade.

"Should the casual observer stereotype him, it would be easy to assume that this larger than life flattop with the patience of a grenade could take his whistle and ... does that fit the profile?" Bon Jovi says. "The Charlie Weis I know loves his friends, loves his family and really loves his job. That says more to me than anything else."

So let's do the arrogance scavenger hunt shall we?

Mention luxury car. Check

Name kid after yourself. Check (if I name my son Galen Jr. you have the right to beat me over the head with a brick)

Confuse excuse filled press conference with "telling the truth." Check ("I can only call the right plays it's up to my players to execute sometimes")

Name drop crappy 80's pop band lead singer friend. Check (does anyone actually listen to Bon Jovi anymore let alone consider them cool?)

Mention 4 super bowl rings for the 4,345,689th time. Check!!

Here's the deal Chuck, you're as arrogant as they come just except it and move on. You want to be less arrogant… fine its simple try to be a tad more humble. Remember back in '05 when Joe Paterno (he of the 372 victories and two national championships) won coach of the year and mentioned in his acceptance speech that he was embarrassed because he won over all the other great coaches in the audience and specifically mentioned your name? Yeah, that's humble. You want people to like you? It has nothing to do with telling it like it is or "telling the truth," people respect that, but when you blame players for losses when even the casual football fan can see you're pro system won't work in the college football world unless you have a senior laden team you're gonna come off as a prick. AND for the love of GOD, stop mentioning the super bowl rings! You know what those rings get you in college football? NOTHING. Just stop. We know you've won the super bowl with the Patriots, that doesn't mean a damn thing now. You just led one of the most celebrated football programs to, arguably, its worst season ever. You were 3-9 and lucky to get three wins. You lost to Navy for the first time in 44 years. There's nothing to be proud about of. -ed. note: damn English language!

Charlie Weis doesn't do the media. Never has, maybe never will again.

I for one, would be happy if that sentence becomes reality.


Nick said...

You should skip the Jr. and name him Galen III or make him sound classy by adding Esquire as his middle name.

Galen said...

No way, my first born, boy or girl, will be named Conshohocken. But I could add an Esquire to the end of that.

Anonymous said...

There is no way I would ever have given my son my name. It is just too hard of a name to have to deal with.

Pete the Streak said...

Somehow, Old Chuck never mentions he was just one of a dozen assistant coaches in those Super Bowls - he leaves the impression that it was HE that coached them to victory.

At least ND will always have a decided schematic advantage; they've got THAT going for them.

TheFolkist said...

can you just name your kid Esquire? is that allowed?

Nick said...

Why not? Look at all the crazy ass names there are. Apple anyone?

TheFolkist said...

I can't remember the name of the site, but they named "Spaceman Africa" the best name of 2008.

Solid, but I prefer some type dash or apostrophe.

Nick said...

World B. Free forever!