Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye: MZone, you’ll be missed

When I started this humble little blog some two years ago (and I just realized TNL's B-day is coming up) I would read a couple blogs on a daily basis and one of my daily reads was the MZone. Yost and the boys did a great job of mixing meaningful football analysis with loads of comedic brilliance. From co-ed showdowns to photoshopped gems MZone did it with a flair few could match. Unfortunately, the members of MZone dwindled down to one and Yost found it too difficult to continue to pound out the daily posts by his lonesome.

Thus, rather than ever get to a point where people say, "Man, the MZone used to be so good. But now it sucks giant, Michigan-owning Buckeye nuts," I'd rather end it here on a high note and the old vaudevillian credo of "Leave them wanting more...caption contests and Photoshopped gems." And while I won't say never in terms of the MZone returning somewhere down the line - or in some other incarnation - if the passion returns, right now it's time to simply say farewell.

Before I started this blog I e-mailed Yost and asked for some advice not actually thinking I'd get a reply. To my surprise I immediately got a return e-mail with loads of tips on starting things up. Yost e-mailed me several times answered all my questions and was very helpful and for that I'm immensely thankful. While some bloggers strive to be EDSBS I wanted to be the next MZone (yeah, yeah, I know I fell way short). I had no intention of becoming a professional writer I just wanted to talk football and hopefully make some people laugh along the way. Yost was unique in the world of Michigan bloggers, he had no problem questioning and often criticizing Michigan football on and off the field. While others toed the company line and defended everything Michigan did, Yost called a spade a spade and I always respected that.

So a great blog has come and gone and I, for one, will miss it. Thanks MZone for a great three year run, and oh by the way Colin Cowherd is still a dick.

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