Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Quiet Voice of the Dissenting Opinion

Lost in the news of the exploits of Chris Bell ran an article discussing the sea change of the football team this spring. The suspensions of 6 players has had a profound impact on the remaining squad. I know what you’re saying, “but Chris Bell!” He’s one of the suspended, the remaining players on the roster have been a marked improvement, according to Paterno:
“They come to practice, they're on time, they work hard, they like each other.”
But CHRIS BELL! EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART! No, it’s not, he’s not on the squad, not in practice.
“equipment people say it's the best it's been in 20 years, with kids being more responsible about keeping it clean. ... Overall, everything's positive. You feed on that kind of stuff. At least, I do.”
CHRIS BELL! PANIC! We’re talking about the guys still on the team, relax. If you’re wondering, it still eats at Paterno when guys do get in trouble, but it doesn’t change the fact the remaining team is responding the way you hope they would.

CHRIS BELL! Ok, ok, I know, I heard, but one guy does not make a team, but he can unmake it. He’s gone. There’s only so much you can do. If the other five players straighten themselves out and fall in line, perhaps they can earn their way back onto the team. If they don’t, the team is doing just fine without them. Derrick Williams said it best, that you can’t hold their hand the whole way:
“We’re not their mom, we’re not their dad. ... You’ve got to take care of yourselves and be a man about it.”


drozz said...

one thing always makes me scratch my head about bell-remember last spring when he was (reportedly)tearing up practice?

those reports were confirmed at the B&W game-what i saw was a man/receiver/beast who was going to dominate the B11.

what the hell happenned to him?

Nick said...

He doesn't go hard every play. Even when he did get his opportunities, he dropped more balls than he caught. This is precisely why it's so dumb to complain about recruiting, because having talent doesn't make you a good player.

Anonymous said...

See, here's my problem. This post isn't nearly "The Sky is Falling OMG!!!!" enough for my tastes. I'd rather focus on every possible negative aspect of PSU football, if it's all the same to you.

Maybe I should just stick with those blogs *cough FireJayPa cough* who really tell it like it is...State Penn, Miami of the North and all that. As just about ANYONE with ANY insight AT ALL can attest to, that's what PSU football is really becoming.

Thug life, baby.

Nick said...

Hate away, blood makes the grass grow.

Everyone is focusing on 6 guys and neglecting the rest of the team, which really seems to gotten the message. Now will there be more trouble before the season before the season? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Mike @ ZN said...

The last time expectations were this low for PSU, it tore off 11-1. Just thought I'd mention that.