Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh but I’d never treat you that way.

So Dick Rod claims the $4 million buyout clause in his West Virginia contract was fraudulent... could someone tell me why that is different than the $4 million buyout clause in his Michigan contract?

Rich Rodriguez may present evidence to try to prove his claim he was fraudulently induced to sign a coaching contract with West Virginia that included a $4 million buyout clause he now refuses to pay.
Rodriguez resigned in December after seven seasons with the Mountaineers to take the coaching job at Michigan, where he's also agreed to a $4 million buyout, and took some of his coaches and recruits with him.

Do you think Michigan administrators are sleeping good at night these days?


Nick said...

Slow down, turbo. You disappear and then pop up with 2 posts in one day? Pace yourself, gonna burn yourself out.

Paterno Lives! said...

the best part about this is that his lawyers are claiming that the buyout is too much like 'slavery' and should be void. i still don't understand why this isn't a michigan v wvu fight, my understanding is that the steal-er always pays these things anyway.