Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Chris Bell, Master Gamesman

No one beats him at "knifey-spooney" (h/t: Run)

What are we left with (remaining WR on the roster):
Tyler Ahrenhold (6-0/169/Fr)
Jesse Alfreno (5-11/193/So)
Brett Brackett (6-6/235/So)
Deon Butler (5-10/168/Sr)
Kevin Cousins (6-3/205/Jr)
Ryan Gmerek (5-8/183/So)
Patrick Mauti (5-10/190/Jr)
James McDonald (6-2/198/Jr)
Derek Moye (6-5/196/Fr)
Jordan Norwood (5-11/171/Sr)
Derrick Williams (6-0/194/Sr)
Graham Zug (6-2/176/So)

Yeah it's thin, but still has some intriguing guys. Expect them all to get plenty of looks before the season starts.


Mike @ ZN said...

I'm sure plenty of those other guys are itching to get some looks this spring and summer. We'll see.

Nick said...

I would think so, Moye and Brackett are the obvious guys, but Cousins, McDonald, and Zug are really interesting. Bottom line, I want guys that are gonna play their hearts out every play regardless of talent (being able to catch is necessary though).