Thursday, April 10, 2008

...and while we’re at it lets burn down Beaver Stadium

Recipe to completely destroy a tradition rich program

-Take two lackluster recruiting years

-Add one big senior class leaving the cupboard bare

-Add an aging coach near the end of his career

-Wait till the end of the contract to talk about retirement/new contract

Penn State president Graham Spanier said talks with Joe Paterno about the famed football coach's contract are on hold until the end of this season.

The 81-year-old Paterno's current deal expires after the 2008 campaign. Spanier told The Associated Press in an e-mail that administrators and Paterno agree that a new contract at this point isn't necessary given Paterno's seniority.

Seriously. This is a goddamn joke right? Why would any recruit with more than one star attached to his name come to a school that has an 81 year old coach in his last year of a contract with no idea if he's going to be around? The coaching staff can reassure recruits all they want but when it comes down to it the coaching staff has no say in who coaches Penn State in 2009 and that would be damn scary if I were a recruit. Especially if I were a skill position player which, oh by the way, is the position of most need for PSU come next season. For the first time I'm seriously worried people, this thing could hit critical mass really fast.


Nick said...

This past year's class wasn't lackluster, just small.

I think this recruiting class will be made or broken by the events that occur during the last three weeks of October, the death march portion of our schedule (at Wisconsin, Michigan, at Ohio State).

Run Up The Score! said...

I don't think the wins and losses will necessarily affect things so much.

Spanier's mind has been made up for a while. This is his way of greasing the tracks, so to speak.

Galen said...

God, I don't know... I just feel like this thing is building to a horrific ending. By the way don't bother pointing out that Beaver Stadium technically can't be "burned" I used it for alliteration purposes because that's how I roll (grammatically).

Matt said...

Yes that would be damn scary if you were a recruit...think of that a recruit,an engineer and a babbling idiot.

Anonymous said...

It is not grammatically correct alliteration......tardo

the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables (as wild and woolly, threatening throngs) —called also head rhyme, initial rhyme

Galen said...


Hey, that's my word give it back!