Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stanley Pringle in Negotiations

For what could prove to be a lucrative spokesman deal. NCAA, please look the other way.

That's how I chill, ma'am.

Oh, and Penn State launched, promising "allbasketballalldayvideoplayerscoaches!"


PJS said...

OMG. That's complete insanity. What ad exec dreamed up that? Sheesh.

Nick said...

I honestly have no idea. It's one of those bizarre ideas that someone throws out just to get ball rolling where you go - haha, but seriously we can't do that - yet someone ran with it. The more shocking realization is this most likely needed multiple and repeated approvals before it made it to air.

Elihu said...

Call me when they have for the wrestling team & then I'll care. As far as - not so much.

Ones I would like: - volleyball - gymnastics - soccer