Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Open Letter to Comcast

Dear faceless media provider,

It's wonderful that you and the Big Ten Network have come to an agreement of sorts to carry the channel on your basic service tier months after the close of the 2007 football season. As you may know, several games involving some of the elite Big Ten teams were shown exclusively on the Big Ten network leaving many fans without TV coverage in the comfort of their own homes last season. Fear not, many found a friend or local bar that had the Dish Network or Direct TV and didn't miss a moment of their favorite team's games. You see, Dish and Direct understood that offering the BTN gave them a competitive advantage over the lumbering cable company and they exploited that fact. Forgetting that both satellite providers offer more channels for less and far more High Definition channels than Comcast could even think of offering, not to mention top-notched service you seldom see with any cable company, most customers were resistant to switch. Well apparently even the stodgiest customer, apprehensive of change has seen the light and moved on to satellite, that's why you're saying you'll lose customers in 2008. Oh, you can blame it on the housing industry or the economic climate but in the end you offer an appalling product with limited capabilities and a high price tag; it's easy to see why people are flocking to Direct and Dish in droves. Now after a year of squabbling with the BTN, outrageous claims about caring for your customers, and underhanded PR tactics, you have finally relented and given in to the inevitable. As a recent, former customer who has made the switch to Direct I say kiss my ass you money-hungry pricks, you've way too late; take your overpriced service and shove it where only a colonoscopy could find it.

Fuck you now and in the future,

The Nittany Line


BSD said...

I switched to Dish Network last fall and haven't had one moment of regret since. Welcome to the revolution.

Galen said...

I think Comcast is hurting a lot worse than they let on. Since about the middle of football season I've been thinking about it and I've noticed a LOT of my neighbors switching. Don't know if it's widespread but my community is pretty much behind on the times so I would think it's more prevalent in other neighboorhoods. I LOVE HD though I literaly dropped my remote when I switched to a hockey game in HD last night it was so crystal clear.

jd said...

switched over last fall right before the first game.

i am never going back; galen hits it on the head: hockey in HD is incredible.