Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yo TNL, step off!

* Spudd Mckenzy here – yeah THE Spudd Mckenzy bitches! I'm the shit that won the PSU Rap Contest. Don't act like u don't know. I've been chillin' n workin' on my new, yet-to-be-released album: C-PA Gansta available in August on Caucasian-boy records. It's hard work makin' this shit look so good but I do it 24/7, u know what i'm sayin'? One of my boys dropped some knowledge on me the other day talkin' about this punk ass site TNL, all up in my grill and all, so I dropped some knowledge of my own on you punks, for real, you know what i'm sayin'?

all u kids are faggots...none of u little internet critics who rite comments on people's blogs in between rounds of masturbation and dungeons and dragons intermissions...u have no balls, i would like to see you stand up and perform in front of 100 people let alone 110,000 people and have have the success i
did...what this clearly biased and rather spotty article writes is also ludicrous, i never used the word "nigga" in my performance and i cant even hear anything that resembles the word in the part of the video that is posted here

pete the steak- i had actually performed the song live three other times during the whole contest winning part of the contest, the reason for the delay should be obvious to any1 with half a brain i had no earpiece in my ear and there was a delay btwn the mic and the stadium speakers, so u can lick my grundel and tell any of the hicks u chill with they can too

nick- i would beat the piss out of you facebook me and u can come meet me on campus

you guys can all sit behind ur computers and think ur the men but in reality u have tiny penises and have few friends

with love, spudd mckenzy

Aaatt's rite! All aboard cause the truth train is leavin' and it's about to run you asses over. I keep this shit real, dog. U faggots didn't even see that shit coming and it's like... *bam* all over you shit. That's how I roll, I'll pop a cap in your ass if I ever meet up with you, don't disrespect me like dat. I even added the love ending because it's all ironic and shit because I have nuthin' but hate for u bitches. Hate and pain, you know what I'm sayin'!? So come out of da basement and tell u momma I said Hi and I'd hit that and all but she's so fat... Yo mama so fat she sat on the beach and Greenpeace threw her in. For real. So pete the "steak" and nick, watch your back, I'll be lookin' for your asses in the SC. Peace out!

Spudd Mckenzy is a guest columnist who has an unhealthy fixation with small penises and the area betwixt the anus and scrotum.

*100% absconded from BSD


Nick said...

CPA Gangsta, dude I love accounting rap. For realz

Galen said...

It's that time of year.

drozz said...

was wondering if he was the lovechild of Herbert Kornfeld.
It's AP vs. AR, bitches.

does he attend up? if so, it concerns me that i worked my ass off to get into UP. he doesn't posess a firm grip on the english language.

also, nobody calls it "dungeons and dragons". IT'S D&D, BITCH! CALL IT THAT ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL GET MY +4 MACE OUT!

Galen said...

"+4 MACE OUT!"

-you sir, get a thousand virtual Yuengling lagers from me! LMAO!

Happy Hour Valley said...

Quality stuff, sir. Spudd needs to remove that giant dildo from his ass and realize that you weren't taking personal attacks on him. If you're gonna make it as the next Vanilla Ice, you'd better be ready to take a heavy barrage of criticism.

SweepTheLeg said...

Spudd is a giant clown.