Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day from TNL

Yeah were putting it out there. I know, I know, it's a shitty holiday invented by women to get a free meal and flowers with the facade of love but hey... we have a soft side. Ok that's a total lie because while I was trying to hunt down a funny picture of cupid I found this:

So all I could think of was this:

Anyhoo... happy Valentine's day from TNL to all of you that are lucky enough to celebrate it with that special someone. Me, I'll just be hitting the bar and spending the fifty bucks I would have spent on roses on beer. Feel bad for me. Blue & White Roundtable to follow soon.


drozz said...

2 days ago, i was going to break up with a girl because:
1. i don't really like her
2. i don't want to be stuck buying someone a present on valentine's day that i don't like.

instead, i listened to the advice of some friends; girls kind of take it personally when you break up with them before valentine's day. am going to have to wait until this weekend.

so now, i have to pick her up after work, drive her to downtown dc, and go to an anti-valentine's day party which turns out is going to be chock full of her non-hetero male friends complaining about everything. worse, it is going to be a wine-only affair.

at moments like these, i just stand back and look at myself and say, "what happenned"?

i hate valentine's day. or, at least, i need football season to start up again.

Galen said...

Oh God man I feel for you. Just one question drozz: don't women take it personally ANYTIME you break up with them? I mean I would have yanked the bandage off quickly and saved myself the trouble, but that's just me I'm an heartless ass when it comes to women. Hey, the last girlfriend I broke up with by leaving the bar with another woman and that was after 6 years.

drozz said...

women are fun to look at, but are constantly judging themselves and others. except for strippers, who judge nobody. verily, god's children, each bloodsucking one.

wow-that's one cold move. however, i do believe said ex knew exactly what your intentions were for her at that moment. and for that, you should be commended.

Galen said...

You're right about strippers, I have two stripper friends and while it's not fun to talk about the origins of the universe with them it sure is fun to hang out with nonetheless.

Nick said...

Galen, why the hell weren't the stripper friends tailgating with us? You dropped the ball dude.

Galen said...


One had a boyfriend (at the time) and the other was in jail for armed robbery - is that good enough for ya?!?!

Nick said...

No, that's when you bust her out. Then you're golden. She probably could have made off with that guy's pimped out golf cart.

Galen said...

I forgot about the golf cart, I need to look through my pics and see if I still have evidence of that sweet ride.