Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You thought losing to Appalachian State was embarrassing

With all due respect to our Big Ten brethren, losing to a Div I-AA team is not nearly as embarrassing as this. I give you the “winner” of the Penn State rapper contest thanks to my cell phone.

Yes it’s only 21 seconds long…trust me I had to sit through the entire excruciating event… you don’t want to see the entire thing. It’s a pity he was too far away to document his likeness so he could be mocked for the rest of his life. This is as bad as bad can be, really, this was a horrible idea from the get go. Your ears did not deceive you he used the word “nigga”… by a white dude in the middle of Pennsylvania. I think he just set back race relations a full 3 decades. This is as bad as the Notre Dame dance floor. I hang my head in shame.


WFY said...

Yet another crappy Guido D'Elia innovation.

Galen said...

Not all of Guido's ideas are bad ones but this one was REALLY misguided.

Black Shoe Diaries said...

I was just walking up the tunnel from hitting the John when I heard the tail end of the show. There was a nice chorus of boos coming from my section.

Run Up The Score! said...

In fairness, the Notre Dame dance floor was outstanding in that "awesome trainwreck" sort of way.

Galen said...

I guess the Notre Dame Dance floor was many people embarrassing the hell out of themselves as compared to just one. There was a point where the guy says "this is hard"... no shit, we could tell.

Nick said...

I don't think this qualifies under the Fun Stuff label. Also, what section were you in? Look like you were kind of near my seats at the game: Section NL, Row 21.

Mike said...

As an out-of-state alum, I hold all of you who were at the game personally responsible for allowing this to happen, and for allowing those responsible to continue to draw breath.

Somebody better send this to MGoBlog to make them feel better.

Galen said...

Not even close section EHU row 63. It's gets the fun stuff label because it's fun for everyone that is NOT a PSU fan.


I was helpless it was like watching a very bad accident, I was stunned but couldn't turn away... or move.

Anonymous said...

The students around me were sorta confused as to whether to feel sorry for this man or boo the hell out of him. If I recall correctly, he made it through 2/3 of his piece and had just begun the "chorus" when we let loose. Were the boos deserved? Probably not - I'd like to think we were booing the idea more than the person.


Nick said...

I'm not one to advocate bringing flares to a sporting events, but this douchebag deserved a lit projectile thrown at him.

Galen, that was only 2 sections over with only EJ in between

Brad said...

I'm a fan of the shirtless kid swaying to dat sick beat!!!

You're right though, that does make me feel a little better about Michigan-App St. Measured in microns of course, but still.

Galen said...

I didn't want to go there with the shirtless kid but you just made me laugh out loud!

Pete the Streak said...

Yep - bad idea all around. After your 20 seconds, Mr. Rap said 'the beat was off', or some such thing. Quite obviously his first time performing in front of actual living people instead of his webcam. Very, very, ugly. Very, very embarrassing to most of us there. 'Specially us square white folk.

Shirtless kid can bust some moves, Yo.

Anonymous said...

all u kids are faggots...none of u little internet critics who write comments on people's blogs in between rounds of masturbation and dungeons and dragons intermissions...u have no balls, i would like to see you stand up and perform in front of 100 people let alone 110,000 people and have have the success i did...what this clearly biased and rather spotty article writes is also ludicrous, i never used the word "nigga" in my performance and i cant even hear anything that resembles the word in the part of the video that is posted here
pete the steak- i had actually performed the song live three other times during the whole contest winning part of the contest, the reason for the delay should be obvious to any1 with half a brain i had no earpiece in my ear and there was a delay btwn the mic and the stadium speakers, so u can lick my grundel and tell any of the hicks u chill with they can too
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Anonymous said...

hey, galen and all you other fellas out there on the internet. i am glad you are so proudly and confidently exercising your rights to express your freedom of speech.

i would like to take this chance as an oppurtunity to invite all of you brave young souls to express your opinions in public. my address is 225 prospect avenue, and i am a roommate of spudd. if you are at all so brazen to encourage public derision over the internet, it would only be oppurtunity to man up and come say what you have to say in public.

you obviously fancy yourself to be proper critics.

maybe there are things you should understand.

this student won a contest. he was a participant in a student run competition, and never posed as a professional musician. obviously he should not be treated as one. he never had a chance to practice and was performing in one of the largest crowds in front of which anyone has ever performed. additionally, spudd performed in front of a large crowd in the preliminaries of the contest twice as well as a crowd of several hundred people, as well as the football team who went nuts at his performance. this is on video as well, and spudd absolutely killed that audience in a competition based on crowd reaction. three out of four stellar performances might indicate that a problem was not his fault. also it is not as if he was not self aware. he has no illusions that the performance was out of this world. in fact, he said "this is horrible" in the middle of the performance. so what is the point of being jackasses on the internet over criticizing the person who already knows what happened?? so you can sit behind your computers and agree? you obviously would never say it to him in public and you definitively not say it if you knew him.

and if you Galen, are really a 35 year old man that is encouraging that a young adult should be ridiculed for the remainder of his life, maybe that should be expected of a man who is blogging about the halftime shows of collegiate sporting events. do you fancy yourself to be a comedic writer? are you the next bill simmons with readers in droves who you are cracking up? or maybe your serious maybe you believe that. in which case, i'll further extend the invitation for you to meet me at my house.

further how dare you libel someone stating that they made a racial slur. who the fuck are you that you can make things up just to make people hate someone you dont know.

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Rob said...

I am way late on commenting on this one... But seriously... Did those guys come to this blog to insist a racial slur wasn't spoken just to use an equally offensive term by calling everyone here "faggots"? Wow.

Well, Adam and "Spudd", your arguments make total sense. I don't know why I haven't seen it your way before I read your carefully tailored responses. Yes, we are all (as you so eloquently put it) faggots, and terribly sorry that your feelings have been hurt in such a public manner. Now, let's go out there and settle this like the college educated men that we are... By beating the living shit out of one another.

You know what is really lame about all of this? You challenged someone to a fight through an internet post... And questioned the size of everyone's manhood. But you didn't stop there, noooo. You capped it off by saying that they probably don't have friends. Ouch! Your insults cut like a plastic spoon, my friend. One day I hope to learn from you.

With Love (Hey, no Homo! Don't wanna scare you guys off),


P.S. Next time you call into question another man's sexuality, you probably shouldn't guess about the size of another man's penis (Thank you for using the proper medical terminology... I know you don't like an idiot).

Anonymous said...

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