Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blue and White Roundtable: the “don’t call it a comeback” edition

B&W Roundtable is back with a vengeance and this time it's personal. Well, not really but I was trying to fit in as many movie tag lines in as I could. We [read: Mike from BSD] decided it would be a great idea to roll out the 'table for coverage of LOI day and who are we [read: TNL] to argue?! Let's do this thing...

How well did Penn State address their needs with this recruiting class?

Nick: Pretty well, another receiver would have been nice and maybe some more secondary help beyond Lynn.

Galen: Some of my esteemed colleagues believed that Penn State needed a quarterback in the class but I'm not in that boat. The immediate need in my mind was running back, offensive line, wide receiver, and secondary in that order. The coaches did well but not where I had hoped. They solved the running back problem by getting two decent backs but one changed his mind at the last minute so I can't fault the coaches for that. They managed to fill in positions on the offensive line including a really good center to take over for Shipley and got a serviceable wide receiver and a tweener safety/cornerback. So yeah, it's not great but I'm not mumbling incoherently to myself right now either. Also, let's not forget they keep the cupboard overflowing at linebacker signing three potential studs that have all received dazzling reviews from those in the know.

Who was the big fish that got away? The kid you really really wish we had landed?

Nick: Wish we had landed? Can I say Julio Jones? That guy is a beast.

Galen: I'll jump the gun early because I don't think he's coming to Penn State: some kid named Tyrone Prior... or something like that I can't remember his name.

You're NCAA President Miles Brand. Take a break from counting your BCS cash for a minute. What would you do to improve the recruiting process?

Nick: First, take a serious look at the iBlog for Cookies proposal, then make it happen. Could he regulate recruiting sites somehow?

Galen: First and foremost kill Tom Lemming. Seriously, give 10 [insert your favorite backwoods state here] rednecks a Lemming license, offer a year supply of Busch beer to the one that brings back a Lemming head and have at it. Anyone that makes as little as bus fare off of a recruit should be beheaded; they're creepy and sensationalize the talents of 17-year old kids to the point of surrealism. Stop televising the likeness of any kid that is not enrolled in college, this includes any high school all-star game.

I have killed the Lemming!

Now you're Joe Paterno. So I guess prepare to dodge the question. What would you change about Penn State's recruiting strategy?

Nick: I'd change you asking me questions like that. I mean, uh, what are you, uh, what are you talking about? I, uh, don't quite understand the, uh, question. Recruiting has been, has been going well. Listen, we, uh, got potentially the number 1 guy in the country, uh, 2 of the last 4 years. Right? Number 1 was pretty good last time I checked, so, changes? I was laid up this year, so, uh, I would change getting the flu. How's that?

Galen: Come on, don't you guys want to talk about the game? There's a *incoherent mumbling* guys that handle *incoherent mumbling* staff. I have a great staff, I keep telling you guys that. I'm not trying to be a wise guy here.

Lightning Round

Where will Terrelle Pryor go to school? Or should he just live off the hype for the next few years and directly enter the NFL draft in 2010?

Nick: Probably Ohio State, but one can hope he ends up at PSU. He was outstanding in the Army All-American Game and is definitely a weapon that you wish you had on your team.

Galen: Sweatervest U

Which member of this class stands the best chance to make an immediate impact?

Nick: Lynn, I expect him to see immediate action in some capacity.

Galen: Brandon Beachum will get reps because there is only one returning starter with experience.

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