Friday, February 15, 2008

Blog Chips

-Anthony Scirrotto's case has come to an anticlimactic end:
Penn State safety Anthony Scirrotto was sentenced to a year probation after pleading guilty Thursday to a reduced charge for his role in an off-campus fight.

Scirrotto must serve 25 days of community service and pay a $500 fine after his plea to a misdemeanor count of defiant trespass, defense attorney Ron McGlaughlin said.

A felony charge of criminal trespass and one count of summary harassment were dismissed as part of the agreement with prosecutors.
You get more for a drunk driving arrest in most cases but make of it what you will, some will say this is the first step down the slippery slope toward PSU becoming Da U of the north others will shrug their shoulders and say I told you so. You be the judge.

-Schadenfreude ALERT! Florida State has placed itself on self-imposed two year probation and "some" sports teams will lose scholarships because of the academic cheating scandal that caused nearly two dozen football players to be suspended for FSU's bowl game on Dec. 31. Bobby Bowden still isn't worried.

-Finally, if you want to know what Joe Paterno is doing to get ready for the spring Blue/White game BHGP has the scoop here. Let's just say it involves Jay and I think it would look something like this:


Oops Pow Surprise said...

re: the photoshop---

I laughed until I saw stars. Nicely done sir. I appreciate the link.

Nick said...

Bobby's not worried, he lined up 10 more I-AA teams for next season

JHC said...

That's horrifying, and so real.

Galen said...


Thanks for making me laugh on a near daily basis, I'm simply riding your coattails.