Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stupid is as stupid does

I haven't been covering this because it makes me sick in my stomach that a person in the Penn State "family" could be so mind numbingly dumb. In case you missed it, two Penn State student dressed like Virginia Tech shooting victims to a Halloween party this fall and if that wasn't stupid enough they put pictures of themselves on Facebook as if they did something creative. Yeah they were dipshits of the highest order. Of course the entire free world was appalled and many Penn State students tried to convince everyone that these two morons were not indicative of the Penn State student body as a whole. I think anyone with half a brain would realize that but it's a natural reaction to something so terrible. Well dipshit #1 got his just desserts in a very BIG way. (HT: RUTS has been all over this from the beginning)

Nathan Jones, one of the Penn State University students who dressed for Halloween as a Virginia Tech shooting victim, said the controversy has cost him his job. In an e-mail Friday, Jones said he was asked to resign Thursday from his post at Bank of America or be fired.

"They were worried that my name may be attached to the Bank of America brand, and that this controversy would lead to a scandal," he said.

Photos of Jones and another Penn State student were posted on Facebook and caused a national outcry. In interviews with several media outlets, including an on-camera piece on CNN this week, Jones refused to apologize.

"Things are going to be hard now, especially since I have no outside support. … However, even though I will be starving over the holidays and my credit cards will all default, I still will not apologize," he wrote.

You know what Nate, it brings a very huge smile to my face knowing you are starving over the holidays that's how much disdain I have for you. The fact that you don't understand what you did was so wrong on so many levels is sad. Hopefully the impending bankruptcy will teach you a very important lesson but I doubt it. Happy Holidays jackass.


drozz said...

would santa put me on the bad list if i thought that the punishment is about right for this jackass?
screw it, i can take the hit.

F-him. I highly believe my parents/friends/grandmother would beat me into an apologetic state if i were to pull this bullshit.

Better yet, have him talk to the families of those who have lost a child in said tragedy, and see how they are spending their holidays.

Galen said...


If I tried to pull off something like this at a party my friends WOULD beat me into a bloddy pile and I would deserve it. This guy losing his job is just Karama don't feel ashamed to feel good about it.