Thursday, December 20, 2007

Matchup Comparison Rating: the early edition

Last bowl season we introduced our matchup comparison rating or MCR which was a scientifically derived system to measure the level of competitiveness in each bowl game in an attempt to help you the viewer decide the viewability (yeah it's not a word, so what?) of each game. The ratings were statistically analyzed and condensed to 5 levels. Keep in mind that these ratings are scientifically calculated and give the user a real-world comparison tool. From lowest to highest (worst to best) here is the MCR:

Remember the MCR was scientifically created after many man-months of number crunching and you can't argue with science. With that, here are the first bowl games with their corresponding MCR.

Poinsettia Bowl

Navy (8-4) vs. Utah (8-4)

Dec. 20, 9:00 PM – ESPN

Gone to Georgia Tech is Navy coach Paul Johnson but long time assistant coach Ken Niumatalolo takes over so expect lots of the triple option you are used to seeing from the Midshipmen. Navy leads the nation in rushing, averaging a whopping 351 yards per game and yet not one player has over a thousand on the year, that should tell you that the ball is going to come at you in all directions. Utah is favored and they have the top scoring defense in the Mountain West but they've already lost to a team that is both a service academy and an option offense: Air Force, a game they gave up 334 yards of rushing.

+1 fun to watch wishbone attack

+1 Service Academy – if you don't watch the terrorists win

+1 even matchup of two teams with identical records

-1 late start on a work day

MCR 2 (Microwave Dinner)

New Orleans Bowl

Florida Atlantic (7-5) at Memphis (7-5)

Dec. 21, 8:00 PM – ESPN2

Florida Atlantic started playing football in 2001 and yet veteran coach Howard Schnellenberger has them in a bowl. Memphis started out 2-4 and had to deal with the shooting death of one of its players: Taylor Bradford, yet they rebounded to win five of their last six games. Both teams have explosive offenses; FAU is 21st in passing and Memphis is 13th but the special teams are woeful for both. Florida Atlantic quarterback Rusty Smith threw for 3352 yards tossing 27 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. Memphis quarterback Martin Hankins is no slouch completing 2939 yards while throwing 24 touchdowns.

+1 two pass happy offenses

+1 even matchup of two teams with identical records

MCR 2 (Microwave Dinner)

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