Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thank you Google: Mandel blasts TNL

Well, “blasts” is a tad of an overstatement but he did question my hygiene. From the latest version of mailbag:

Stewart, seeing as how you're the Internet's premier college football pundit, is there any way you could contact the nation's journalists, bloggers and message-board moderators to orchestrate a complete moratorium on all conference supremacy debates until the end of the regular season? It was fun for a while, but good god. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and count to 10.

--Stephen, Athens, Ga.

But I'm afraid you give me far too much credit in terms of my clout in the realm of cyberspace. Have you read some of the bloggers out there? Here's a little sampling from the first few pages of a Google search involving my name: "SI's Stewart Mandel: I get paid to write 2+2=4" (, "Stewart Mandel is an idiot and I hope UGA bites him in the rear end" ( and "Stewart Mandel needs a long vacation" ( I'm guessing you'd have a better chance getting these guys to actually shave and shower on consecutive days than participate in any idea that originated from me.

By the way when did 6 become the “first few” of anything, because my link was on page six? Anyho, thank you Google, thank you for giving me free intertubes space and thank you for putting TNL on page six of the Stewart Mandel search. He’s referring to this post a long time ago on The Nittany Line. Long story short, Mandel suggested that the Big East was one of the power conferences and the SEC was “the toughest conference in history.” Incidentally, as PSUGirl likes to point out, I was wrong about Central Florida but right about the crappiness of the Big Least. But back to the point at hand, this is one of those moments that I tip my (dirty) hat and clap my unwashed hands in sheer joy. Thank you fans of TNL for visiting daily and often so my Google clout can be raised enough that Stewart Mandel finds me. It’s only a matter of time before my fame swells to epic proportions and Hollywood comes calling to make TNL the movie – the life of a bitter sarcastic blogger. Or something like that… it’s a working title. Now if you’ll all excuse me I’m hitting the town for the night and I think I’ll skip the shower just in honor of this post.
(Big HT: JB in the comment section)

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