Friday, November 09, 2007

Stewart Mandel Issues Fatwa

Galen is currently in hiding at an undisclosed location and a protocol for a line of succession has been instituted, following threats to the unclean heathen masses, including The Nittany Line. For the sake of fair and balanced reporting, we don’t smell and actually take our hygiene quite seriously. Hopefully, putting this information out there can help assuage any anger and resentment towards us. Galen, while not a fan of shaving, is a bit obsessive-compulsive about his cleanliness, seen in an undated sketch also demonstrating his love of firearms. In fact I’ve heard him say on several occasions, “You know what’s great? Cleanliness and guns.”

We'll take the spruce moose! Hop in!

I, on the other hand, shave regularly, but am more a fan of baths as opposed to showers.

Not pictured: mountains of blow and women


Galen said...

Man I look old in that picture.

Nick said...

Look at your icon, pal. And yes, I really do have the huge clunky 80's wireless phone at the side of my tub.