Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blue & White Roundtable

It's Wednesday and that means Blue & White Roundtable time. The esteemed William F. Yurasko has the questions this week don't forget to check out his answers as well as the rest of the group. I was extremely busy yesterday and last night so I didn't get to answer the questions this week but Nick is here to save the day. Enjoy.

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Run Up The Score

1.) Please elaborate on whether you come away from the Purdue game encouraged or discouraged about the Nittany Lions?

Encouraged – it was a win. The defense held Purdue without a touchdown. The forced fumble on the goal line could end up being analogous to the 2004 goal line stand against Indiana heading into next year. Justin King needs to rethink any thoughts of going pro after this season though, quarterbacks used to avoid throwing his way, now they're almost picking on him. He needs to use that and make himself better.

2.) Who was a better linebacker at this point in their junior seasons: Sean Lee, Dan Connor or Paul Posluszny?

At this point, I would say Posluszny – however he went on to get injured in the bowl game. He was the most NFL-ready at this point in his career, but whenever I read things about Lee, specifically he's the last one to usually leave after practice, doing his own extra prep work makes me think he might be the best linebacker of the three as a senior.

3.) How much of a fight do you expect Temple to put up since this is their biggest home game in forever-and-a-day? Does Temple (3-6) have a shot at winning? Are you going to be at the game in Philadelphia?

I don't like the tone of the first question, everyone seems to have already forgotten about the "Game of the Century of the Week" back on September 8 with Temple hosting Buffalo. I give Temple a shot to beat Penn State and anyone who disagrees hasn't been paying attention to college football this season. I expect a good fight from Temple, but a Penn State victory. My friend, who is a Temple alum, was supposed to set up some tickets, but flaked out on me – so, no I won't be at the game.

Lightning round

Are you a fan of the Patriot-News sportswriter videos?

Never watched any of them.

Which basketball team will have a better season, the men or the women?

Depends how you define "better" – the men really have no other place to go this year but up. I don't know how the women's team will look under a new coach, it does have me curious how everything will develop and what will be different.

Do you wear a Penn State jersey to games? If so, what number and why?

No, I don't wear one, however I have no problems with those that do. Next year I may, perhaps if 22 is available with the sewn on numbers. That won't be for Royster although he could be great, but rather for John Cappelletti.


WFY said...

A few years ago Nike was selling vintage #22s with the ugly shaped two and no white band around the bottom of the sleeves. There are probably some on ebay.

Nick said...

I saw those when they were originally selling them and they sucked. No thanks, patience is a virtue.

Nick said...

Also, I think they also did Curt Warner jerseys the next year and I they had "WARNER" stitched across the back. THERE IS NO NAME ON OUR JERSEY!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to jump in to defend the white Cappelletti jersey. It is actually a pretty good rendition of the jersey that PSU wore in 1972. The numbers are accurate to what John wore, and Penn State did not add the colored trim on the jerseys until at least the 1980's. The sewn on Nike patch is easily removed. Other than that, the only other inaccuracy in the jersey may be that the numbers are sewn on rather than screened.

Below is a link to a picture if you don’t believe me.

Cappelletti in White Jersey

Chuck Fusina in 1979, with no white trim on Blue Jersey

If you think it's ugly, then you think Penn State's jerseys are ugly.

Nick said...

I've only seen the blue jersey and the Nike logo was huge, included NIKE and the swoosh.

Anonymous said...

The white one had a Nike logo like that that too, I would not call it huge though, it was smaller than a quarter. But like I said, it's a patch that comes off pretty easily. It took me about five minutes.

In terms of its authenticity, and I am a zealot when it comes to that, that jersey is much closer than the standard ones they sell, which are really not even close.

Nick said...

You're killing me, Smalls! Lunchtime is over and still no answers?

JB said...

Mandel blasted you in his mailbag. That is awesome. You are now internet famous!