Thursday, November 15, 2007

Players Charged

Well again I'm last to the punch – both RUTS and BSD are reporting that multiple Penn State players will be charged in the HUB assault.

Penn State defensive lineman Chris Baker, already facing trial on charges stemming from an April incident, was charged late last night with felony aggravated assault and several misdemeanors in connection with an Oct. 7 fight at the HUB.

Also charged in connection with the incident is Nittany Lions' linebacker Navarro Bowman, 19, of 6400 Gateway Blvd., District Heights, Md. Both he and Baker are charged with aggravated assault, a felony, simple assault, stalking and disorderly conduct, all misdemeanors, and summary harassment.

Bowman and Baker were arraigned before District Judge Jonathan Grine and released on their own recognizance.

Another football player, reserve defensive back Knowledge Timmons, is charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and criminal trespass, and will be issued a summons by mail, authorities say. The charges against him are related to what police say is disorderly behavior and verbally combative behavior toward University police after they arrived at the scene of the fight.

Yeah, that's great but what happened you say, perhaps they were provoked by some young punk with beer muscles.

The victim later told police he was "strolling" through the HUB, may have brushed another man and excused himself. He said he felt tension growing, and decided to walk outside to get away from it, according to the complaint. He said 15 people -- all or many of them football players -- followed him outside and jumped him. There were four primary aggressors, he told police.

Beautiful! Wonderful, not only does it take an insensitive, masochistic jerk to pick a fight with someone who accidentally brushed up against them but it takes 14 of his friends to take on a single guy. Pathetic. Well, wait a minute Galen, you say… what is the players' side of the story? Glad you asked.

Baker told police that the victim charged at Bowman when they were outside, instigating the fight.

Uh huh. Sooooo… you'll have me believe, Mr. Baker, that a single man of (I guarantee) much smaller stature then you and the 14 of your friends chose to pick a fight with you and said 14 friends. *cough* bullshit *cough*. Sorry, that holds water like a colander, you're lying through your teeth and we have evidence.

Video surveillance at the HUB showed a group of 15 large men marching toward the victim outside the HUB, according to the criminal complaint.

Other witnesses are cited in the report, including a 41-year-old maintenance worker who said he tried to help the victim during the attack, but couldn't get through the crowd of men surrounding him. The witness said the men were kicking, shoving, striking and punching the victim, as well as throwing things at him.

What about Timmons?

When police arrived, they found two players -- Baker and Timmons -- still at the HUB, flipping chairs and tables. Timmons was told to leave, and told police he was looking for his cell phone. The charges against Timmons, according to sources, are connected with his disorderly conduct after police arrived at the scene, not to the attack outside the HUB.

No one "looks" for a cell phone by flipping tables, that's just another line of shit. These guys were just being antisocial miscreants.

So Baker started a fight (again), beat the shit out of a single guy with a bunch of his friends to back him up (again) and then stayed around to break shit in the HUB. You sir, don't belong on any college football team let alone Penn State. It's time for Paterno to end the relationship between Baker and Penn State, he's a cancer and will never get the fact that he's got a privilege that most of us could only dream of and yet acts like an immature moron. Kick him off the team permanently, if he is allowed to stay on this team it gives me just one more reason not to renew my season tickets next year and one more reason to skip even trying to get tickets to all the good games the Michigan game.


Mike said...

"It was just a bar fight!"

BillyBob said...

Yup, time for Baker to go. Shame too as he seemed to be an asset on the field this season.

I'd say that any player who was mixed up in the fight this spring and made a repeat appearance at the HUB fight should go as well. Learning to walk away for the team and your own career shouldn't be that hard.