Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Ten Bloggers Roundtable

It's Big Ten Bloggers Roundtable time and this week's questions come from theOSU blog Around the Oval. It's Nick's turn this week and here are his answers.

1. Call me crazy, but it seems like the refs have been even worse this year than usual. I've noticed what seems like an unusual amount of questionable calls/non-calls go against the Buckeyes this season, but then, I am just a little biased, and the only referee performances I notice are the crappy ones. What have you thought of the Big Ten refs this season? Do any especially bad calls stand out to you?

Sounds like you should don your tinfoil hat. Penn State fans have come to possess a seething hate for Big Ten refereeing, but we'll gladly share it with the rest of the conference. They really don't seem any worse than any other season, referees on the whole across college football have seemed especially terrible this year though. Were there mass retirements resulting in a lot of "green" refs? One call that seemed egregious was Rodney Kinlaw's fumble down the sideline against Purdue, made worse by inept replay officials upholding the awful call.

2. How is recruiting going for your team? Any incoming players that opponents should be concerned about for 2008, or will the cupboards be left bare? (Note: If you don't follow recruiting, please post an entertaining picture of some sort at this point.)

I'm sure there's a lot of good talent that will be on campus next year, I think we've got 3 more linebackers coming in. However, I don't really follow recruiting until the offseason and even then it's only cursory. So, instead I offer a fine artisan crafting the spectacular Land Grant Trophy awarded to the winner of the game between Penn State and our "rival" Michigan State. Quite simply, it is an abomination to mankind.

That's adorable

Editor's Note: Although Nick may get some sadistic thrill out of seeing fluffy take a dump I know some of our readers don't, hence the edit. You still get the idea.

3. The OSU-Michigan game is taken pretty seriously 'round these parts. For at least this week, the rivalry is all-consuming for just about every OSU fan I know. But let's face it, there's plenty more to hate (or at least dislike) in college football than our rivals. So, other than your team's current rival(s), what team, person, rule, concept, intangible object, etc., would you like to declare a rival, the better to focus your hatred on them/it?

Hmm, I would like to declare a rivalry on the replay booth. Why is it so hard to do your jobs? Don't feed me the line that every play is reviewed in college football, it isn't. There are far too many occurrences where calls should be reviewed and you either refuse or sit on your ass long enough that the next play is run and the point becomes moot.

Can I un-declare a "rival" while I'm at it? Pitt – you no longer matter, thanks for those games all those years ago, but I've never cared about you or playing you and that's the common sentiment for my generation and younger.


Nick said...

I actually think you made it worse with your edit, now it's a big, black and rectangular.

Galen said...

He'd have to be really backed up to crap something out that big

Anonymous said...

is that the land grant our the state of our rivalry with pitt? or is it simply the state of pitt football?

for it to be a rivalry you have to actually play:
Pitt 0
you also have to care about the game:
Pitt N/A

you also have to enjoy making fun the program, the coaches and alum
Pitt 1 + N/a

So Pitt wins the rivalry contest by 'n/a', which is less than an extra point, by the way.

its like one of those games (ie Miami v Akron) where both teams are so bad you just turn it off and say they both suck...we don't have a rival.

Nick said...

I originally was gonna replace the feces with the Land Grant trophy, but just looking at the trophy makes me want to vomit and thought the feces was less offensive.