Thursday, November 01, 2007

And now the rest of the story…

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A widely circulated video that shows two men in Ohio State jerseys being physically and verbally harassed at a Penn State fraternity party has prompted widespread criticism of Penn State fans.

But the main person in the video was a visiting student from the University of Pittsburgh, said Bill Mahon, vice president for university relations. Mahon also said the two Ohio State fans in the video were visiting members of the same fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, and had stayed at the fraternity the night before without incident.

The 48-second video opens with booing and shouts of "We Are," then turns to show two people in Ohio State jerseys walking away from an outdoor fraternity party while over a dozen objects that appear to be beer cans fly in their direction. A few of the objects hit the fans.

One person appears to push the two fans toward the exit, then later runs toward them and throws an object at one of the fans from a few feet away. The camera operator then celebrates gleefully.

Since the video was posted on YouTube, several bloggers have chastised the Penn State fans and fraternity involved.

So perhaps it's not as bad as it seems from the standpoint that they weren't two unsuspecting, random victims that wondered into the wrong place. Still, what happened to prompt such a reaction? And was assaulting them really that necessary?

So what is going to come of this? Well the gloating asshat Pitt fan could get the worst of the charges:

If the injuries are significant, the Pitt student could face a misdemeanor charge of simple assault. If not, a summary citation of disorderly conduct and harassment is likely.

So what of the wonderful frat house hosting the party:

A summary citation of disorderly conduct will be issued to Pi Kappa Alpha for hosting the party.

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