Friday, October 12, 2007

TNL Radio

Congratulations, oh consumer of free internet data, today is your lucky day… you get to finally hear the voice behind the blog. This week I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate on College Football Weekly – the college football blog radio show. I was in the company of such blogging stalwarts as Conquest Chronicles, Lake The Posts, and MGoBlog. Click on the link above to hear the entire show, but for the lazy person (like me) who doesn’t want to sit through the entire thing, or for the TNL internet groupies out there (hi mom), I used “technology” and cropped my portion of the show into one of them there internet doohickes for your listening pleasure. Let me prep you for this – I sound like a midget at a big & tall convention. Do I really sound that way in real life? I get to talk about Austin Scott, Paterno and the state of Penn State football. Sounds like a normal day at TNL, except no Charlie Weis fat jokes. Maybe next time. Enjoy.

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