Friday, October 12, 2007

Upon Further Review…

When I first read the Paterno road rage reports (read: rumors) I couldn't believe this was the behavior of our dear old coach. Hearing only one side of the story painted Paterno as a finger waving cranky old coot. I really had a hard time believing it and it felt something like this:

(HT: TNL reader Jeff and his bubble caption skills)

But now Paterno's side of the story is apparently out and it paints a decidedly different picture.

According to the sources, Paterno said after his close call he pulled his car over to the curb and got out. He then approached the other vehicle and shook his finger at the driver. He warned her to, "Watch it."

"Be careful," Paterno said. "I have your license number, and I will call the police on you."

According to the sources, Paterno said a male passenger then walked up and chastised him, saying, "That's my wife you're talking to."

Paterno said, "That's your problem."

The woman then snapped back at Paterno, telling him, "I'm going to call the police on you."

Paterno reportedly told the woman to go ahead.

She did just that.


Apparently the poor victim in question ran a stop sign and JoePa wasn't pleased and frankly I don't blame him.

According to Joe, the woman ran a stop sign and stopped to pick up what is apparently her husband. Joe, being a cranky old man and prone to pointing out others mistakes, rolled up next to her and yelled out the window "Hey, you ran the stop sign, you could kill somebody."

(HT:The Wiz)

So apparently this was a case of some small run-in getting blown completely out of proportion depending upon who you believe. Personally, Joe's side of the story sounds a lot more believable than the out of control senile old coot.


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