Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blue & White Roundtable: the ‘I give up’ edition

We interrupt coverage of the Penn State beer throwing contest to bring you this week's Blue & White Roundtable. I was left off the e-mail once again so I'm throwing this together in a hurry. Sue me if it goes astray.

1. After being embarrassed by Ohio State at home, where does Penn State's program as a whole go from here?

Galen: At this point who knows? The defense sucks and the offense is mediocre at best. Perhaps we can rely on special teams. PSU has three very winnable games left and could end up in a decent bowl but I'm not counting on it and let's face it with this easy schedule and a down year in the Big Ten this season is an unmitigated disaster. I for one expect a lot more out of a program like Penn State of course, I expect a lot more out of fans from PSU – where'd that get me?

Nick: This was the number 1 team in the land. Tip your hat and say the better team won, we’ll get them next year. It’s not Armageddon, a 9-3 regular season finish is not out of the question and while it is disappointing considering what we had thought this season might be, that’s still pretty damn good. Offensively, I am going to repeat myself and say lets see more reps from Clark and Devlin in real game situations.

2. Following back to back poor performances, what do you see as Penn State's biggest problem on defense?

Galen: The secondary has been terrible. Justin King has forgotten how to cover and the safeties have disappeared off the face of the earth. Even the defensive line, which was once a strength of this team, has got in the act and been a non-factor. I wish I had answers but I just don't know what is going on.

Nick: Um, where do we start? The biggest problem is the secondary. The defensive backs play way too soft, get no jam at the line and tackle terribly down field. Justin King should forget about going pro after this season entirely and get refocused. Work on his coverage skills and learn effective tackling. The line is young and they need another year to improve and get stronger, I’m actually feeling pretty good about the defensive line going forward despite being pushed around against Ohio State.

3. What happens against Purdue this Saturday?

Galen: Purdue moves the ball up and down the field with short passes but doesn't put the ball in the endzone. Penn State runs the ball to try and control the clock and fumbles the ball at the most inopportune time and Penn State loses because of turnovers. Sorry, I'm not very optimistic at this point.

Nick: If they have any self respect, the defensive rises up and redeems itself.

Lightning Round:

What bowl game does Penn State end up in?

Galen: Toilet

Nick: Outback Bowl in Tampa

Who is going to be Penn State's next verbal commitment?

Galen: Some three star coach's nephew.

Nick: I honestly have no idea, I don’t really follow recruiting until the offseason and then just in passing until signing day when everything is official. Did Wedderburn’s brother commit?

Purdue score prediction.

Galen: Purdue 24 Penn State 14

Nick: 31-17 – The game looks similar to Wisconsin and Penn State’s offense moves the ball up and down the field in a win.

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Nick said...

Hey man, you left me hanging again. What's the deal? You can post, but you can't check mail? How are you at walking and chewing gum?

Galen said...

Keep your skirt on, the e-mail you sent was entitled The Big Ten Bloggers Roundtable so I didn't open it thinking well... the obvious.