Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There is a Special Circle of Hell

Where assholes like this will go. It's very difficult to restrain my anger after watching the video of the Ohio State fans being assaulted with beer. What's worse is that there seems to be some that feel the need to defend the actions of these douchebags. They say well they shouldn't have been down around the frats. Really, that makes it ok? Is that Buckeye fan from State College that he knows the geography? If I went to Columbus, I sure wouldn't know where I was. Regardless, this behavior is unacceptable, good natured ribbing and light-hearted booing is one thing, but this is an embarrassment of epic proportions. So, close and fine the shit out of that fraternity and if you know who this person is, let the proper authorities know, because this will not be tolerated.

Hi, I'm a total fucking asshole.

Update: RUTS is reporting that the University president's office was so swamped with e-mail that it has created a form letter for those writing in:

As Associate to the President for Administration, I help Dr. Spanier address the important issues that are brought to his attention.

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the behavior of some of our fans. Media accounts following the game indicated that fans were spirited, but overall exhibited better behavior, so I am disappointed to see the youtube video. Our Office of Police Services is investigating it in an attempt to identify those involved. It is extremely unfortunate and embarrassing that some fans engage in behavior that reflects badly on all Penn Staters, the majority of whom are respectful and well-mannered.

A group of students and administrators have been meeting to encourage better behavior from our fans. A number of initiatives are underway–posters have been placed around campus, ads have been placed in the student newspaper and on television promoting good sportsmanship. Prior to the Ohio State game, a message from the Athletic Director was sent to all students via the student newswire concerning appropriate fan behavior. Coach Paterno also addressed the issue when he visited the students camping outside the stadium. Clearly more can be done and we will continue to work on this.

Coordinating these efforts into an effective campaign that garners results does not happen overnight, but we are committed to the effort and to its success.
I will be sure the President sees your note. Thank you for taking the time to write.


Tom Poole
Thomas G. Poole, Ph.D.Associate to the President for Administration

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Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about trashy, classless State Penn morons. Regardless of this being a "frat" party, this should NEVER happen before, during or after a football game. I'm from PA, unfortunately close enough to Happy Valley (what does that mean?), and despise State Penn fans for their hype all the time with their awesome "Linebacker U" (where the hell were they against OSU's offense????), Joepa (oops, I crapped my pants), and their "whiteouts" (do u really think the opposing teams who come to ur shitty stadium are spooked by the color white?).
Hope to God this lame a-hole who taped the video and the morons who threw the beer cans at the OSU guys pay the price for this. God knows, your ancient coach & Spanier let Scirrotto & Co. get away with this same type of behavior, but won't listen to Austin Scott's side of the story (did u State Penn fans see ur senile coach's interview with Chris Fowler, or were u too busy throwing cans of beer at the Gameday crew?). Old man wouldn't even answer the question when asked if he heard Scott's side of the story.
If the team gets away with this type of criminal behavior, why shouldn't the students, right Graham Spanier? I hope to God the OSU kids press charges against your pathetic university (Penn State "Main") and the a-holes who did this. SOOOOOOOO glad OSU kicked State Penn's asses that night. State Penn is a joke -- looks like State Penn is the new "Miami Hurricanes".

Tim said...

I'm assuming you're a sPitt fan, and if indeed you are then do us a favor and shut the fuck up...you have NO BUSINESS talking trash about us with your own piece of shit program. How about you worry about losing with average attendances of 5,000 at an NFL stadium and with a pure doofus of a coach in Wannstache (who makes our old man look like a genius) before you come on here and talk shit about us, asshat.

Denis said...

I loved the commentary. I hope the first comment was not from an OSU fan, because we know we have our own problems. How disrespecting one of the greatest college coaches of all time with depends jokes sets this person apart from the You Tube fools is beyond me.

In any case, the overall fantastic response of the PSU community to this complete act of glib stupidity will hopefully stand as a example to Ohio State on how to come down on our own boorish elements (its very difficult for any large state school to completely control this sort of behavior).

It is important to send a clear message where the line should be drawn.


Galen said...

Good job Nick you beat me to it. You know between the fights off the field by players, the horrible play on the field and the behavior of our fans I don't think I've been more disappointed in the Penn State community than this season. Just one more reason not to renew my season tickets next year.

drozz said...

aparently the guy who posted it/shot the film is the vice pres of the pike house.

the representative of your organization....condoned this action....and then posted it....on youtube...

too many obvious questions here.

and anonymous: way to throw shots from the crowd knowing there will be no rebuttal. you are no better than the jackasses in said video.

BillyBob said...

I wasn't greek in my time at PSU, but wouldn't the natural thing have been for the PSU frats to invite their corresponding visiting frat to tailgate/party with them? After all, isn't a big part of frat life the connections for after college?

Anonymous said...

The last part of the video something is said to the effect "He's from Pittsburgh! He didn't even have to do it!"

Does that indicate that maybe he is a Pike from the Pittsburgh Chapter?

Galen said...

You guys are right questions abound. I think this chapter of Pike may be in real trouble. This is one case where I hope the Gestapo/Nazi organization that is Judicial Affairs comes down like a 2 ton sledgehammer on these guys.

Dan said...

I'm willing to bet "anonymous" is a Notre Dame fan :p

Carrie Augustus - Virtual Assistant said...

Wow... I'll admit to a little good natured ribbing, but this is too much. People are people and this is assult.

From what I've heard, these boys are in the same fraternity in Columbus. They had been there the night before partying and decided to stop by again before the game. And then they get this!?!

This is despicable, pure and simple.

Nick said...

Total Fucking Asshole is now identified as Richard Eisenberger, Jr.