Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Big Ten Blogger Roundtable Part Deux

To keep things easy on our Big Ten Blogging partners, Nick and I are going to take turns answering the questions. This week Nick has us covered.

1. Clearly, Week 1 was a huge week for upsets with Appalachian St. beating Michigan and Clemson beating FSU (though if that really shocked anyone I'd be surprised). What are your upset games for Week 2 and why?

I guess the chic pick is TCU over Texas, after they barely got by Arkansas State, but I'm gonna say my big shocker would be Samford over Georgia Tech, because their coach is still Chan Gailey.

2. What do you think about the BTN? How'd it look? How were the announcers? Did the first weekend change your opinion of the BTN?

I was at the Penn State game so I can't really say, but could they have asked for a better game to kick off the coverage than Michigan vs. Appalachian State (except for Wolverine fans)? That was an instant classic that will be replayed until the end of time and it was on the BTN. I've been pro-BTN, anti-Comcast from the start. I'll take the BTN over your shitty Versus network any day of the week. Note to Comcast: stop killing the NHL, Gary Bettman can do that well enough by himself.

3. Now that we're a game into the Season evaluate the Big Ten's strength.

The presumed bottom might not be as weak as we thought and the presumed top might not be as strong, but it's hard to gauge the entire conference one game into the season. Let's revisit this after the non-conference slate is finished.


Black Shoe Diaries said...

Hey! No wonder dog picks this year?

Galen said...

That's because I haven't replaced her yet, but then again no dog could replace Brandi the Wonderdog. I'll have to do something I just haven't thought of anything yet.

Nick said...

I picked Appalachian State over Michigan, I am willing to make picks in exchange for ND at PSU, tOSU at PSU and Wisconsin at PSU tix.

Galen said...

Sorry Nick but you can't possibly be as cute as Brandi or as obedient, and I'm guessing you're not as housebroken.