Wednesday, August 08, 2007

String Theory

As promised I have the answer to yesterday's trivia question: Where did the terms 1st and 2nd string originate from? While there were some convincing answers reader christian hit the nail on the head. My question and answer come straight from the QPB Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins.

An archer was only as good as the bowstring on the stout, five-foot English longbow, and in competitions a marksman always carried two – a first string to be used as his best and a second to be held in reserve lest the other should break. This led to the popular Elizabethan saying two strings to his bow, meaning to carry something in reserve in case of accident, which fathered our first string and second string.

A hearty virtual high five for christian knowing the answer to a very tough one. I honestly didn't think anyone would get this one. Check back in next week for another Trivia Tuesday and thanks to all that answered.

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