Monday, August 20, 2007

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Sorry about the lack of activity lately but I was off Friday to celebrate (read: drink a lot of alcohol) my birthday and a friend's birthday at the same time so the blog took a back seat for a bit. I'm trying to catch up on things and I'll do my best to tie up loose ends before the season kicks in next week. It's hard to believe football is almost here.

- Andrew Quarless and Willie Harriott were cited for underage drinking early Friday morning.

Starting tight end Andrew Quarless and redshirt sophomore cornerback Willie Earl Harriott were stopped by Penn State police at 2:53 a.m. Friday along with fellow student Heather Ann Hirneisen in the vicinity of where police were summoned about suspicious activity near Building 12 of Nittany Apartments.

Quarless, of Uniondale, N.Y., Harriott, of New Haven, Conn., and Hirneisen, of State College, were cited for liquor law violations and released, according to Penn State police.

I doubt Paterno will do too much to either player; he's been lenient in the past when it comes to this sort of thing. Most likely they will be stuck in Paterno's doghouse for the remainder of preseason practice and have to run their asses off because they were stupid enough to get caught.

-The Big Ten Network and Comcast continue to screw Pennsylvania sports fans.

"It's really unfortunate, but we've not built any contingency plans for the early part of the football season," said Kevin Weiberg, vice president of university planning for the Big Ten Network. "We won't be able to do something at the last minute to make that game available here."

No contingency plans = we are going to see how many subscribers drop Comcast for Direct TV. This is what it's come down to people, neither side gives a damn about you and I, the average fan.

…in addition to Florida International, three additional games -- with Buffalo, Iowa and Purdue -- could be affected if the impasse with Comcast drags on all season. All other Penn State games will be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC.

The only silver lining is that those of us that have season tickets will not miss any games because the games exclusively broadcast on the BTN will all be home games.

-The A.P. poll was out last week and Penn State is ranked… drum rolll please… number 17! What a freakin' surprise. #17 should just be called the Penn State spot because that is where they always get ranked when they've had a decent season the previous year. Anyone want to bet they finish higher by the end of the year? Anyone?

-The Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice is saying that the key to Penn State's success is… *gasp* the offensive line. Who knew?

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